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by On April 27, 2020
The Berkely Gulp Rig is a very unique rig designed for 6" Berkley gulp. We are using A 7 /0.  Gamakatsu Hook with a 40 pound  leader.  We also put various colors of a Styrofoam  ball for added Attraction. Then it is tied to T swivel for tangle free results. The bottom of the swivel is tied to a leader supporting a dual lock  which can be used a with various components such as   Fluke Balls, Bucktails and sinkers.  It is best when fished on a 45゚angle, constantly jigging it. It is a doormat catch...
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by On April 27, 2020
Jig heads are made to be fished with Berkley gulp, preferred  Swimming Mullets or 5 to 6”  Grub  Tails. For example 5 and 6 oz,  you would use a 6" grub,  4 oz 5" grub,  3 oz and 2oz  you would use 5 oz swimming shad.  They are very effective at catching fluke. Because of the round shape of the jig they hold better in the running tide than the normal Bucktail. 
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