Accurate Fishing Reels

Accurate Fishing Reels

Accurate Fishing Reels

Southern California in 1950 was experiencing the beginning of the industrial revolution or the industrial boom period whichever one would call it, and one company under the very able hands of Michael De Marco, which began during the same year stepped out into the limelight to manufacture aerospace components, which were procured by the United States military and sections of the civilian aviation industry.

The company, Accurate Grinding and Manufacturing Corporation, in Los Angeles was very successful in their endeavor and in 1950 it came under the ownership and control of Michael’s son Joe and son-in-law Jack.

The experience, expertise and business acumen that they had gained over more than half century gave them the impetus to try their hands in a very much different business and that was the fishing industry.

They went into the manufacture of sport fishing tackles in the year 1990 with the same precision manufacturing experience and applying high tech innovations, which they had gained in aerospace components manufacture under the name of a new company called accurate fishing products.

Manufacturing high quality fishing gaffs the company accurate fishing products won instant praise as they brought very innovative and high quality products using innovative technology which were very successful.

The success they tasted prompted them to bring upgrades to existing fishing reels with reel conversion kits which were high tech products, and were branded as AccuPlates, AccuFrames and AccuKits which were all primarily for upgrading Penn fishing reels.

The ready acceptance of these precision driven conversions prompted accurate fishing products to venture into fully integrated manufacture of their own branded accurate reels with high tech components using innovative technology.

This decision brought forth the Accurate Platinum Twin Drag and the accurate boss magnum Twin Drag accurate reels that are patented and registered trademarks owned by the company, which were a class of their own and became an instant success due to its technologically advanced computer design, components and exquisite workmanship.

The year 2002 saw a new beginning with accurate fishing products moving into sprawling premises covering more than 30,000 square feet in Corona, California to serve their increasing customer base and demand for their precision driven accurate reels.

The patented Twin Drag technology improved on the traditional single drag, that was till then used in all fishing reels and what it meant was that when releasing, stopping or dragging the reel only one side revolved which tended to initiate uneven pressure on one side of the spool, whilst the other side free wheeled.

Twin Drag technology was innovative where the reel spool turned on both sides providing even release and drag and when stopping or braking, both sides of the accurate reel spool synchronized and locked simultaneously.

This reduced heat within the reel chamber, provided even control and one simple example to understand it better would be to imagine what the outcome would be if a car had its brakes only on one side, say the left front and rear wheels.

In such an instance when the brakes are applied the right side wheels would continue to move whilst the left would stop and invariably you would experience a skid, and this is what happens in a fishing reel too, hence the Accurate Twin Drag accurate reel technology was innovative to say the least and is what every fishing reel is equipped today.

The innovations that accurate fishing products have brought to the fishing industry has propelled them to the pedestal of success and is a leading light in the business and are continuing to bring forth more technological advancements specially to their very important accurate reel.

Accurate Boss Fishing Reels

Accurate boss magnum twin drag See Lowest Price

Extensive Research and Development (R&D) went into drastically changing an existing technology to a completely new design concept as far as the introduction of the accurate boss magnum twin drag was concerned.

Along with that the materials that had to be incorporated into the accurate boss magnum twin rag had to support the technology that was introduced and had also to compete competitively in price with the existing products, though the design and concept was great.

Customers would be initially apprehensive of paying exorbitant prices even if the technology offered was state of the art and not available with other competitive products. The years of experience and expertise gained in the aerospace industry stood accurate fishing products in good stead because they could have telescoped their knowledge and brought out the product at a market acceptable price which was the success that the accurate boss magnum twin drag eventually brought.

The accurate boss magnum twin drag from the superlative and versatile accurate fishing products company has revolutionized methods of fishing in any environment be it in the wild oceans, the lashing reefs, the gushing rivers or the calm lakes, and given fishermen and women one of the best equipments that they could lay their hands on.

Today every professional fisherman who has used the accurate boss magnum twin drag would swear by its performance in the toughest of conditions and the smooth accurate reels movement is the ultimate in fishing experiences.

To feel the distinct difference between the accurate boss magnum twin drag manufactured by accurate fishing products and a traditional reel you may have to feel both and experience them in similar harsh conditions, only then one would know the reality between the two.

The unwritten but inherent policy of Accurate Grinding and Manufacturing Corporation and subsequently followed by accurate fishing products company its subsidiary has been to offer the best products possible without in anyway compromising on design and quality of materials and workmanship.

It was put into the right perspective with a few simple words “cost follows product” and not “product follows cost” which philosophy has held both the parent company Accurate Grinding and Manufacturing Corporation and its subsidiary accurate fishing products company in very good stead to offer better products at competitive prices followed by exemplary after sales service, all matched by none other.

The advanced design that accurate fishing products brought forth reduced the accurate reels size but enhanced performance and with the accurate boss magnum twin drag technology, fishermen had a smaller reel but with performance at optimum levels and drag at minimum.

The product quality was not compromised and what was offered at a very competitive price was a superior product with ease of handling and more effective in the envisaged results attained.

Another very critical aspect in the manufacture of accurate reels was the materials to be used and for that it had to last the vagaries of Nature, and that was something that no one could predict.

Hence the accurate boss magnum twin drag reels were machine blocked out of aircraft grade 6061-T6 Aluminum and all the internal parts are also made from the same Aluminum materials as they do not rust or corrode and could be anodized for further protection from the harsh salty seawater.

The materials are sourced from the best suppliers and there is no compromise in our procurement of materials whatever we do make and roll out of our sprawling manufacturing facilities, they would be under strict quality control and only the best will be sent to our discerning customers.

Every product item is meticulously tested for any manufacturing flaws when it arrives at our manufacturing facilities and only when accurate fishing products supervisors are satisfied that they our stringent standards that they would be sent to the assembling point.

Accurate Valiant Fishing Reels

Accurate valiant See Lowest Price

The accurate valiant series is the new kid on the block as far as accurate fishing products company is concerned and has been introduced at the most opportune time, as a light weight highly efficient accurate reel was what all their discerning customers were anxiously waiting for.

Made from the same materials that all accurate reels are manufactured from the performance of the accurate valiant would surpass all expectations and prove to be one of the best accurate reels in the market and that too at a very competitive price.

The specialty around which the accurate valiant has been built with computer aided design and incorporating the latest technologies is to meet one of the biggest challenges put forward by accurate fishing products company and that is becoming a very popular and accepted concept and which is “small accurate reels for Big Fish”.

There is a very wide range in the accurate valiant series and are all tried and tested to maintain the highest standards of accurate fishing products. Very competitively priced with a futuristic design that has been the “talk of the industry” since its introduction and its performance has been superlative and top class in whatever tough conditions it has been put through, at pre trial tests and in real life situations, they are at their best in efficiency and are very practical in use.

All products in the accurate fishing products range which is very wide and varied are manufactured, certified and proudly stamped - “Made in the USA”. They have all upheld the proud traditions of American manufacture to the highest standards and are 100% home grown products.