Avet Fishing Reels

Avet Fishing Reels

Avet Fishing Reels

Since its introduction about a decade ago avet fishing reels have built an impressive reputation for themselves and is accepted by professional anglers and fishermen as a force to reckon with, in the fishing reel manufacturing business, in the United States of America in particular and now in the world too, in general.

Manufacturing quality fishing reels to contend with any fishing situation, whether it is in the calm or violently gushing waters of the inland streams or rivers, or even the many lakes around the country the range of the state of the art high efficiency avet fishing reels would hold you in good stead to catch the fish for which you casted the line.

The single machined blocked out aircraft grade Aluminum avet fishing reels are corrosion free and is an ideal foil for the harsh saltwater seas and being fully water sealed would provide great performance in the hands of any new comer to the sport of fishing, an ardent enthusiast, an amateur or even the diehard professionals.

There are seven (07) avet fishing reels series exquisitely designed after extensive research to cater to any type of fishing to choose from which includes some models that professionals cannot do without.

If you are looking for an avet fishing reel that would suit your discerning requirements you would be impressed with the lineup the seven series offered to you which are appropriately tagged as, the avet g2, avet HX, avet SX, avet MXL, TRX, EX, LX and the JX individually identified series.

Within the above named seven (07) series there are eighty nine (89) different models of avet fishing reels and selecting the one that would suit your requirements, taste and budget would be quite an enviable task.

The available range is so wide and varied, and beyond anyone’s comprehension hence selecting the right one for you would need a complete study of what you would want or expect from the reel that you would select and with a range such as what avet fishing reels could offer, you would not need to look elsewhere but pick the one reel that you would want.

Avet fishing reels have a very comprehensive distribution and service network extending to most or all of the States of the USA with an exclusively appointed Dealer network who are the eyes and years of the company on the ground, extending their unstinted support on behalf of avet to ensure that customers are helped throughout the purchase of their selected avet fishing reels and are also helped in after sales service when the need arises.

In any business especially one that extends far and wide, similar to avet fishing reels where constant requirements of finding answers to pertinent questions by loyal customers is the norm, it is imperative that every company has the right people on the ground to attend those questions and also answer queries, grievances if any, service requirements, availability of spare parts and a host of other issues.

The progressive thinking avet fishing reels company being just that, has the most efficient and courteous Dealer network on the ground extending all over the United States and internationally as well, to ensure that customers who place their trust on an avet product will be always happy with what they possess.

Customers are able to purchase any model that they would want or could request for ones that are temporily out of stock from the wide range of avet fishing reels, spare parts and accessories and also enjoy after sales initiatives at the dealerships.

This provides avet fishing reels customers better overall customer support and specialty service and customer support when they need without recourse to the manufacturing parent company at the drop of every pin.

Everything that you ever wanted to lay your hands on is available with avet g2 the one stop shop for any discerning fishing professionals need. From the smallest washer to any fishing reel of your choice could be procured from avet g2, accessories like Tee Shirts, Caps and hosts of other personal paraphernalia are made available to all those loyal customers out there, from avet g2 and being stylish when you have a avet fishing reel would make it additionally a smartness that would be quite difficult to ignore.

Avet SX Fishing Reels

Avet SX series See Lowest Price

The avet SX series boasts of sixteen (16) models in its range and of which there are six (06) which are classified as specialty avet g2, with all of them precision machined from 6061-T6 marine grade Aluminum blocks, and are all rust or corrosion free and is ideal for seawater fishing.

All metal components are superfine stainless steel of the highest quality and they are anodized for that elegant finish and for long lasting fishing experiences. They are all made in the USA to the highest standards possible and have the avet patented indestructible, Silent Dog anti reverse gear system which is state of the art in the fishing of big game in the wild oceans.

The drag systems are all easy and very light to the touch and are very efficient with eight (08) stainless steel ball bearings to ensure smooth pull with no element of strain in the hands. The handle and the handle knob are just unbelievably soft to the job at hand when you need to turn it around to pull the catch in, it is just The prices range from an affordable US $ 189.99 depending on what your requirements would be and the specialties you would need and which are all incorporated into the different models, the highest price would not exceed US $ 395.99.

In between this wide price range finding what would suit your budget and the fish that you would be contemplating of baiting and catching would be an easy decision to make. The avet fishing reels in the avet SX series come in many attractive colors to choose from and they would last a long time if you would care to maintain them well.

Avet MXL Fishing Reels

Avet MXL series See Lowest Price

There is an impressive lineup of eighteen (18) models in the avet mxl series and their prices range from US $ 209.99 at the lowest end and rises with different features and advantages which would suit every discerning professional fisherman to a maximum of US $ 432.99.

This price range invites not only the dollars that you pay but the product that you would ultimately choose would be worth every dollar that you decide to pay. The avet mxl series too boasts what other avet models have in common and that is the single block 6061-T6, marine grade Aluminum it is made from, which provides stability in handling and with all stainless steel anodized components inside, they the perfect anti corrosion and anti rust fishing reels you could get from anywhere else.

The specialty of all the avet mxl series is that they are all “lever drag casting reels” and are perfectly equipped with the powerful lever drag systems with adjustable strike pre-set. It has a precision stainless steel gear system for smooth reeling in when there is a “Big fellah” at the end of the line and gives total control with all the sophistication that has gone into its manufacture.

Equipped with avet fishing reel’s own patented M.C Cast Control System, this range has one model for everyone who would want to have the best fishing reel in their hand when they go out to tackle those unpredictable conditions out at sea.

Another avet fishing reels patent the indestructible Silent Dog anti-reverse gear system is also incorporated into the proud avet mxl series to give every model in the range that extra edge over all the other fishing reels competing with them in the market place.

Avet HX Fishing Reels

Avet HX series See Lowest Price

There is no gain saying that if it is a fishing reel from the house of avet then there is nothing comparable to it and the newest top of the range are the machined blocked out precision controlled marine grade Aluminum 6061-T6, manufactured avet HX series.

The avet HX series is presented with additional features that would go down well with those discerning professionals who know their way around the seas, the oceans, the rivers, the lakes and the streams.

You may be a first comer or an amateur who wants to set your eyes on the bigger and tougher “Fellahs” who have been perennially evading you, now then is time without any hesitance that you took a reel from the avet HX series and walked confidently to take your due place among all those professionals out there.

To catch the “Big Fellahs” you need the appropriate “weapon” and there is none better than an avet which you could select from the impressive avet HX series, which has everything that you could ask for in a professional fishing reel.

There are thirteen (13) models in the range with all the trappings that you would look for in an avet HX series fishing reel with prices ranging between US $ 289.99 to US $ 599.99.