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It doesn’t matter if you are sight fishing in the marshes or even popping corks into the bays, there are outstanding redfish fishing opportunities in southern Louisiana. It is very unlikely that you will find a better location for redfish fishing than in the shallow waters of Buras, Louisiana. Here you will also be close to the surrounding marsh areas as well as the Mississippi River. You can fish successfully for reds from when the sun comes up to when it goes down.
In the Buras marsh areas you will find redfish in plentiful supply. Among the spartina grass and Rosseu cane there are plenty of redfish to be caught. In spite of the wind direction there are always plenty of fishable waters in Buras.
Use this report about red fishing in Buras, Louisiana to your advantage. You will find advice and tips here about the best times for red fishing, tips for fly fishing and sight fishing, how to prepare and the right tackle and gear for your trip, bait options and more.
Know Your Redfish
A redfish is also known as a Red Drum and it is related to the Black Drum. The fish will make a “drumming” sound when attracting mates or if it is under stress. It is a coastal fish which is found in saltwater, but they will also move into brackish marshes. They will turn to the shallower waters when the temperatures are cooler and they are looking for food. It is possible to have good redfish fishing success using flies in very shallow water.
Seasons And Best Times For Redfish Fishing
The best time for redfish fishing is between September to May. January to May weather in Louisiana can be marginal at times. The largest redfish will be caught in Buras, Louisiana between September and December.
In truth you will find reds fishing opportunities in Buras the whole year around. Yes there are seasonal differences, but you will always find the fish biting in the region. The spring and summer are considered the best times of year for saltwater fishing.
Fly Fishing And Sight Fishing
Reds will put up a strong fight so you need to be prepared for this. You can get into your backing many times during a fishing expedition. When fly fishing, you will need to use sight fishing techniques first.
When you are sight fishing and looking in the waters don’t be fooled if you come across non target species and then think that the redfish will not be there. The fact that you can see other fish under the water means that you will be able to see redfish. You may spot a gar or a mullet, and the main thing is that the water visibility is good and you can then determine how hard you must look and how far visibility extends.
If you spot a stingray then this is a good sign. They are bottom feeders the same as redfish, and they will be looking for the same forage. Stingrays are a good indication that redfish will be around.
Check that you are observing the right kind of bait. It is better to see “finger mullet” than it is to see mullet that are over a foot in length. Small blue crabs that are silver dollar size are preferred to large number one sized blue crabs. If you see schools of small pogies then this is good. If small bait are not in evidence then go elsewhere.
When you sight a redfish it is essential that you get the fly very close to his face as fast as you can. When it comes to reds it is more important to be accurate than be concerned with the distance. You must be ready to strip and set as soon as the fly hits the water. You will need several tip down strip sets to bury the hook in the mouth of a redfish due to their rounded teeth.
Preparation And Tackle For Redfish Fishing In Buras
You will need the right tackle to catch redfish. When fishing for redfish in Buras, Louisiana go for a 9 weight rod. This might seem excessive for fish of 15 pounds or less, but you will need to be prepared to land that big bull when the opportunity presents itself.
It is strongly recommended that you use specialized redfish fly lines that will assist with accuracy and distance. These really work well so use them. Using leaders that are too long is a common mistake. Go for a simple setup or even a build your own option so that you can achieve the accuracy and transfer for successful redfish fishing.
Be prepared for your redfish fishing trip by practicing your cast, your lay down, your pick up your set and your strip before you take the trip. Be prepared to face the elements with the right gear. If you are faced with a 30 pound fish travelling at high speed into your backing then you can do damage to your fingers. Protect your hands and feet.
Be sure to take finger tape, gloves, shoes or flip flops, a hat, a shirt, a warm top, a buff, sunglasses, sunscreen, plier clippers, long pants, a jacket for the wind / rain, a chapstick and some insect repellent.
Tidal Effects On Redfish
Redfish are affected by tides but not as much as other species. It is a good tip to evaluate how much tidal change is expected where you are going to fish. Having said that, you do not want to pay too much attention to the tides as they are not the most important factor for finding redfish. Backwater ponds in Buras that are tide free can be a great location for redfish.
The good news is that tidal migrations of redfish are extremely predictable. Reds tend to follow the same routes from low to high water locations with almost absolute certainty. It is easy to predict where redfish groups are going to pass a specific location on the outgoing tide and the precise time that they will return on the high tide.
In Louisiana the smaller Gulf tides will be affected by the wind more often than not. In the ponds and on the flats of Buras the wind will have a greater effect than the actual tides. So using tide charts here is really unnecessary.
If the tides are high then the fish will tend to scatter as opposed to low tides which tend to concentrate the fish. In most cases the lower tides are favored by redfish pros. The fish will be in better positions to be caught when the water is lower.
Options For Bait And Stores
When it comes to bait you have a lot of choice as big reds will tend to strike on flies as well as artificial lures. They will also strike on bait whether it be alive or dead. Some professional redfish anglers will tell you that it is a lot more fun catching redfish using artificial lures, and if you want to do this then topwater lures are the best choice.
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