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Boston Whaler crafts the safest, easiest to own, most exciting boats on the water. Since its founding 60 years ago, Whaler has conceived and built peerless designs that meet boaters’ diverse and changing needs. Only Whaler can bring you a legendary, innovative boat that is engineered for a lifetime of enjoyment and dependability. Only Whaler can bring you an Unsinkable Legend™. It began with founder Richard Fisher’s inspired new construction method, devising a foam-injected hull that literally would not sink (not even after being sawed in half!). That spirit continues today, in a storied lineup of boats ranging from 11 to 42 feet. True to Fisher’s vision, Boston Whaler's tight-knit team has consistently pushed the envelope, furthering advances in manufacturing, design, navigation and propulsion technologies. The company holds patents for a variety of systems and features — including the Multi-Position Lounge found on every Vantage model; the swim patio on the 270 Dauntless; the Dauntless family’s AllActivity Tower option; a proprietary Bow Thruster, and more — and continues to seek new and better ways to serve its boating family. More than any other manufacturer, Boston Whaler maintains a profound respect for its customers, and it’s a difference you will feel — a confidence that comes from the very core.

“The appearance of the Whaler, the way it handles, the way it responds… I can’t explain it any other way than to say it’s sort of like love.”

Clark Roberts, Boston Whaler owner since 1966

“After having a Whaler, I would never be happy with anything else.”

Thomas Wheaton, 330 Outrage owner

Design, Engineering, Manufacturing & Quality.

Behind every Boston Whaler is a group of talented, passionate employees, working together to deliver the best quality boats on the water. The company fosters a culture of teamwork and support, in which employees are encouraged to ask questions and challenge each other. Quality boats begin by listening to the consumer. Whaler conducts extensive research, gathering feedback from longtime owners and dealers to inform each new model and iteration. That research is incorporated by the design and engineering teams, who in turn work collaboratively so that form and function complement each other at every opportunity. Finally, the designed product enters the manufacturing stage, where that initial consumer feedback continues to inform and inspire the boats that emerge, polished and perfected. The ultimate goal for every Boston Whaler is to provide a boating experience that feels like second nature. Features and options are chosen purposefully; layouts have an innate logic; performance and handling are precise and predictable. Whalers are designed to be lower-maintenance, meaning cost of ownership remains low as well. Time and again, customers write in testifying to their 10-, 20- and 30-year-old (and older!) Whalers that continue to serve them faithfully. When you purchase a Whaler, you’re getting a boat built to last a lifetime.

A Well Oiled Machine

The Boston Whaler difference is apparent from the moment you step aboard. Whaler’s hulls are precision-engineered to anticipate and harness the forces of water, balancing stability and softness to produce a smooth, dry ride. At the heart of every Whaler is the exclusive Unibond™ construction process. Whaler uses a proprietary closed-cell, environmentally friendly foam, injected between the hull’s inner and outer liners — not just below the waterline but up the sides, as well — to create a single, unbreakable unit. This not only results in the boats’ unsinkability, but also contributes greatly to ride quality. Further, every Whaler is put through rigorous, comprehensive testing to ensure superior performance. Whereas many companies outsource this part of the process, Whaler employs a team of in-house naval architects and structural engineers. This allows for in-depth stability analysis to occur and, more importantly, allows for close back-and-forth communication between the design and engineering groups. Tolerances become more precise, efficiencies increase and the boats reflect the true power of teamwork. This entire process requires close orchestration of all manufacturing teams, and to that end Whaler invests greatly in the training and support of its employees. As part of the Touch Point Program, full-time trainers meet frequently with new team members to shore up their knowledge and comfort levels. Tour the facility and you’re likely to hear at least one staff member proudly refer to Whaler as “a well-oiled machine,” fueled by decades of experience and palpable enthusiasm.

Unbeatable Performance

Yes, you can cut a Boston Whaler in two and drive away in the half with the engine. But unsinkability means more than just the unmatched safety of Unibond™ hull construction. It means smart design, high-quality construction and forward-thinking technology. It means premium experiences and comfort year in and year out, whether you’re fishing, cruising or both. It means having the Core Confidence to take on anything from the shallows to the roughest offshore water without worrying about a thing. In addition, every Boston Whaler comes equipped with Mercury® FourStroke or FourStroke Verado® engines, precisely power-matched to each boat, with a variety of upgrade options including double-, triple- and quadruple engine configurations. Breakthroughs including Mercury’s Joystick Piloting make it possible to maneuver in any direction and allow for virtually effortless docking; Mercury’s Digital Throttle & Shift provides for smooth, predictable and quiet shifting, as well as ultra-responsive throttle control. An industry leader in its own right, Mercury delivers superior performance and continues to challenge the limits of possibility. In fact, Boston Whaler’s designers and engineers work closely with Mercury’s, sharing a significant amount of research and collaboration during the development, manufacturing and testing phases. This ensures a seamless interaction between boat and engine, for uninterrupted boating enjoyment.

Backed By Brunswick

Boston Whaler benefits from the support, investment and confidence of its parent company, the Brunswick Corporation. Brunswick’s backing has helped allow Whaler to expand its lineup and grow at a remarkable rate, adding more than a dozen new boats to the lineup and creating hundreds of new jobs in the past few years alone. In addition, Boston Whaler enjoys partnerships with the best component manufacturers in the industry, offering features including JL Audio® stereo and speaker systems, SureShade® sunshades, Seakeeper® gyrostabilizers, Raymarine® navigation equipment, Sunbrella® canvas and more. The aforementioned Mercury® engines on the back of every Whaler ensure strong, reliable performance, industry-leading corrosion resistance and incredible fuel efficiency. Further peace of mind comes from Boston Whaler’s 10-year structural hull warranty and 3-year limited warranty on components. And thanks to Boston Whaler’s award-winning global dealer network, answers to any questions a boater may have are always close at hand.

Recent Awards

NMMA CUSTOMER SATISFACTION INDEX (CSI) AWARDS 2004–2017 — Boston Whaler, Fiberglass Outboard Boats category; 14 consecutive years NMMA INNOVATION AWARDS 2008 — 230 Dauntless, Runabouts and Fishing Craft category 2010 — 370 Outrage, Cruisers category 2013 — 230 Vantage, Runabouts category 2014 — 345 Conquest’s “Dynamic Cabin System” 2015 — 320 Vantage, Deck Boats category 2017 — 230 Outrage, Center Console/Walkaround Fishing Boats category EUROPEAN POWERBOAT OF THE YEAR 2010 — 370 Outrage (Winner) 2015 — 230 Vantage (Nominee) 2016 — 420 Outrage (Nominee) MOTEUR BOAT DAY BOAT OF THE YEAR 2013 — 170 Dauntless 2016 — 250 Outrage BEST OF BOATS INTERNATIONAL 2015 — 270 Dauntless, Best of Fishing Boats NAUTIC DESIGN AWARD 2015 — 320 Vantage (nominee) 2016 — 230 Outrage (nominee) 2016 — 330 Outrage (nominee) BOATING MAGAZINE BOAT OF THE YEAR 2016 — 420 Outrage ACTIVE INTEREST MEDIA MARINE GROUP 2012 — 210 Montauk, Best Center Console Under 30' TRAILER BOAT MAGAZINE EXCELLENCE IN DESIGN AWARD 2010 — 150 Super Sport