Century Fishing Rods

Century Fishing Rods

Century Fishing Rods

A proud heritage dating back ten years short of a half century, century fishing rods or Century Composites Limited, based in Washington, Tyne & Wear, are the United Kingdom’s leading manufacturer of the world renowned century fishing rods and is a home grown industry that has stood like a sentinel against all foreign manufactured fishing rods relegating them a few steps behind and have always been in the forefront leading the way over the years.

Employing technologically advanced manufacturing processes, using computer designed state of the art machinery that no other manufacturer this side of the Atlantic could boast of, century fishing rods are the ultimate in fishing rod Research and Development (R&D), durability, ease of use and versatility among many other superlative attributes, thst they are boastful of.

The founder Chairman of century fishing rods was always aware of the fact and remained focused on the importance of understanding technology and where and when it meets the water.

It was also his notion that it was the angler who knew better and what he thought was important to the fishing rod in his hand and he had to be satisfied with what he had and how it performed n his hand, even though it could vary from angler to angler still there was a common bond that held all anglers together and that was going fishing, itself!

They keep up their boast with superior quality products at competitive prices and all century fishing rods undergo stringent quality control tests before they would go out to either tackle the serene inland waters or the violent wild seas around the United Kingdom or elsewhere around the world.

Century fishing rods are designed to be light weight in the hands and strong and sturdy as possible and to perform at optimum strength to reel in any “Big Fellah” that has bitten into your bait and hook.

Preferred by the world’s professionals and those who attempt the longest casts when they need to get that elusive and biggest fish that they have always wanted to tame, then it is none other than a century fishing rod that they would seek out for their endeavor.

Century fishing rods have always endeavored to ensure that they are always ahead of technology and to be so they have equipped themselves with the best state of the art machinery that money could buy, which is a constant upgrading of facilities that they have been practicing over the last 40+ years of their service to the nation and the world at large.

When technology advances it is sometimes practically impossible to “stay up with the Jones” but in the case of century fishing rods it is the other way around and they are the “Jones” whilst others endeavor to keep up with them.

The pace may be too fast for the others to follow as their innovations roll out regularly from their manufacturing facilities that it is a constant of new products and new technologies for them.

The best carbon fibers and a complexity of resin systems are married together to get the optimum strength applications required when designing and manufacturing century fishing rods and if this harmony is not achieved then it would be just like any other fishing rod on the shelf in the marketplace.

The birth of century fishing rods was built on quality and that is still being preserved and they would strive to do so under any circumstances and that is by not compromising the maintain of the promised superior quality at any cost.

Unlike newcomers to the fishing industry who have recently begun manufacturing fishing rods, century fishing rods have been long enough in the business to have built a reputation unconquered and undefeated and is committed to maintain and enhance quality at all times and in all products that roll out of our manufacturing facilities.

Every tit bit of information coming from the anglers are taken into account however trivial it may seem because at century fishing rods it is the angler who is important as they are who decide which fishing rod is better than the other.

Only the best raw materials are sourced and that too, from the best suppliers who are bona fide suppliers of the materials that they supply and once fully satisfied and only then would century fishing rods contemplate of purchasing what they would want from that particular supplier.

Once contracted, suppliers are under scrutiny at all times to ensure that they supply only the best of the best because if such high standards are not set then the product quality of century fishing rods would suffer.

It should be appreciated that anglers go out to fish, to ease tension and other high pressure situations and anyone spoiling that with substandard materials in their shipping rods would spell disaster.

Century fishing rods have set the pace in the rod fishing hobby or profession for some and will continue to do so in the future too and they would also endeavor to bring out the best in all anglers, even those taking part at local and international tournaments.

To maintain the technological edge that century fishing rods have been built on, every rod without exception is carefully tabulated and records maintained in a computerized tracking system throughout the manufacturing process.

Every material used even in its minute form, is included in this tabulation and when the century fishing rod exits this integrated system, it does so with a special serially allocated identification and certification.

This individual manufacturing record, the only one that any fishing rod manufactured anywhere could boast of, would enable the ultimate owner and when referred to, century fishing rods themselves, to refer into every detail that went in the manufacture of that particular fishing rod.

This provides the owners of the century fishing rods a feeling of togetherness with the century fishing rod that they have in their possession, even though they were not physically present at the time it was manufactured.

It helps century fishing rods to monitor feedbacks from customers regarding specific fishing rods, their behavior in specific environments, type of use, performance, conditions of use and a host of other information to and fro, which is advantages to the company as well as all owners, who are in possession of the best in fishing rod manufacture.

There is also another very important factor about monitoring and apprising the manufacturing process which customers would miss out if not mentioned here and that is the “transparency in the manufacturing process”, which century fishing rods are very happy to disclose, as they maintain a standard incomparable to none where they consider that the “customer is king” and that, in the true sense of the statement.

Century Surf Fishing Rods

Century surf rods See Lowest Price

It is an arduous task to tackle the lashing surfs where the conditions could get from bad to worst but no better hence to get the better of the sea surfs, a fisherman venturing out should be equipped with the right equipment, if not it could be a near impossibility to catch that elusive fish.

Taking along century surf rods on such a very arduous task would be in your best interests because they are all designed to meet any challenges, and provide that extra leverage to cast your line well and catch that fish you would aspire to take home with you.

Concentrating on every detail is a perennial discipline that century surf rods are proud to possess hence every product that leaves their manufacturing facility is expected to perform at optimum levels and there is no further argument that it would not, because every detail is looked into before a customer comes in possession of one.

As in all other century fishing rods, the category of century surf rods also go through the same exquisite manufacturing process hence it is the best that you would have with you when you step out to tackle the surfs.

Century Fishing Rod Blanks

Century rod blanks See Lowest Price

A fishing rod for every eventuality, purpose and type of outdoor conditions and fishing environment are manufactured by century fishing rods and among them are the most popular century rod blanks which are supplied to many other manufacturers around the world.

The same stringent manufacturing conditions are enforced whether they are century fishing rods sold directly by us or the century rod blanks which are sold to other smaller manufacturers because it is our trust that the other manufacturers purchase and that is nearly four decades of unstinted trust and we would always uphold that, under any conditions.

If it is a century fishing rod anyone anywhere could be rest assured that they are getting the best, from the best and it comes with a manufacturing process that is transparent and at its best. The century rod blanks are in demand worldwide and it has been accepted as one of the best produced anywhere whether it is on the west or east of the mighty Atlantic Ocean or even far away in the Far East.