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Cousins Fishing Rods


Founded by two brothers-in-law more than half a century ago and the varied challenges being countered, successfully nurtured and painstakingly developed by two cousins, the sons of those family patriarchs, cousins fishing tackle is today a very formidable force in the fishing tackle business, which is a phenomenal worldwide industry, worth billions of dollars. The innovativeness and ingenuity of the team behind cousins fishing tackle who are closely knit by family bonds, inseparable family affiliations and decades old traditions has made this company, what it is today.

Every single member of the team and even those who would join in the future would need to be professional anglers if they are to find their place among their peers in this very progressive thinking company, where no product would be leaving the manufacturing facility without stringent quality control, which is the eagle eyes of at least one or two members of the team.

It is this personalized quality control that has ensured that not one cousins fishing tackle has been unable to live up to the high standards expected of them. Cousins fishing tackle have a very impressive lineup of different models of fishing rods and related accessories to suit any challenge and any situation anywhere and all of them are light on the wallets.

All their products in the lineup are just waiting to be taken out and thrown out to the challenge, and the Raze fresh water series, IM-8 Graphite series, Glass reaction bait and cranking rods, Fiberglass striper trolling rod and the Kokanee composite series are just some of them in their superlative lineup offered at very competitive prizes.

Each of the above series of superlative rods come with a comprehensive range of quality fishing rods which are suitable for any type of fishing from inland fresh water, to reef or surf fishing to inshore or even offshore fishing the ultimate test of skills and expertise in the raging wilds of the high seas.

If you need a fishing rod that would be at your beck and call, there is only one brand that you should choose, a product with a long and impressive and enviable track record for quality undisputed and those are the ones from none other than cousins fishing tackle the “Rolls Royce” of fishing rods.

The philosophy among the team that runs the very progressive thinking cousins fishing tackle organization is very simple and that is, they would not sell any of their products, if they would not like to use it themselves hence quality is the primary concern and which is held dear to their hearts at all times.

All rods are handmade in the United States of America and are covered up with three coats of Ultra Violet resistant slow cure finishes to keep them in pristine condition at all times. High grade lightweight Carbon or Graphite or Glass blanks are the primary materials that go into the superlative rods that are all manufactured to stringent US standards, which are tightly wrapped with colored, silver and black metallic thread for a very high quality finish.

The warrantees extended by cousins fishing tackle has a specialty of its own with each and every fishing rod leaving their manufacturing facility identified by a unique identification serial number. The proud owner of that fishing rod and the unique serial number has to either register it online or by telephone to enjoy the warranty packages offered as per the respective product in the lineup he had purchased.

Cousins Rods

Cousins rods See Lowest Price

There is a very wide range of cousins rods that you could choose from either to take on the mighty oceans or the serene inland waters, whatever you may think you are good at, there would be not one but many cousins rods to back you up and to take that catch you have always waited for.

Every angler has his own unique style and cousins rods have researched most over these fifty plus years or so and have their fingers on the pulse of those perfectionists out there, who want the best and nothing but the best when they take their chances with the unknown.

They would go out there only if they know that they have the best cousins rods in their hands and the right gear all packed up because they know that a fisherman without the right stuff in his possession would only be a loser to himself.

Cousins rods have dominated the fishing industry and have provided some of the best fishing rods for all the tournaments around the country and it has won many in the able hands of those competitive buffs, who have selected only the best when they want to compete with the best.

If it is freshwater that you are hoping to try your hand at, cousins rods have an exquisite selection and if you know what you want you could pick it up yourself, or if you are a newcomer and apprehensive as to what would be ideal, you could always talk to the experts at cousins fishing tackle who would gladly help you out.

Cousins Surf Rods

Cousins surf rods See Lowest Price

If you are looking to tackle the surfs either form the jetties, rocky outcrops or even braving the shoreline and want the take in a few of those stragglers that come closer to the beaches with the surfs hitting them you need to look at the impressive lineup that cousins surf rods have to offer.

The cousins surf rods are super lightweight and easily manageable with the premium Shore-pro Surf Rod series taking the cake for the best in the business and which would give you complete control to take any catch in whatever struggle it may put up.

Challenging the surfs is not for the faint hearted and you need to be strong in mind and heart and more than that you would need the right equipment to come to terms with what you are likely to encounter.

To do so you would need the right cousins surf rods and the supplement you would be better advised to pick up the appropriate cousins lures too. They are all handmade in the USA and is accompanied with a life time warranty and made of top class Graphite blanks which are designed to handle any fish from the Striped Bass to the Stripers.

Cousins surf rods are all put through a very stringent trial and test to ensure that they take the vagaries of Nature and when the inevitable happens with the fish struggling at the terminal the rod would be able to bring it home.

Cousins Lures

Cousins lures See Lowest Price

Available in very attractive colors the cousins lures and skirt colors are terrific when you want to catch that very big fish and they have been leading the market since the late 1960’s. There is a specific cousins lure for every species of fish out there that is the fruits of the labor that cousins fishing tackle have researched and found through the years of experience that they have been in this business.

Cousins fishing tackle would be glad to share their experiences and if you are looking for advise on anything to do with fishing whether it is to catch that fish for your son or to catch that “Big Fellah” out at sea, we are there to help.

Selecting the right equipment is mandatory and it is just like a soldier going to way, if you don’t take the right paraphernalia with you to subdue the fish you are hoping to catch there would not be any success but only failure, which would not be what you would want.

If you are trying your hand in unknown territory and are in an area away from home and familiar surroundings talk to the ever helpful extensive Dealer network of cousins fishing tackle and they would be glad to guide you as what you would need to catch their local fish.

The type of cousins rods and the right cousins lures to go with it, to catch the fish that you would like to catch would all be helped out by any of the cousins fishing tackle Dealers. The Dealer network is so extensive, that you are sure to find one anywhere that you would happen to be and that would be one big consolation.

Getting what you want from cousins fishing tackle would not need you to look for it “like finding for a needle in a haystack”, because the versatility and popularity of the company could be seen from the extensive Dealer Network that has been successfully been built, all over the USA. Dealers are galore in California, in the Northwest, East coast, Florida and the inevitable online dealers are all waiting to serve your every whim and fancy and would leave no stone unturned to ensure that the best service is extended to you along with the advice at all times.

Cousins fishing tackle has been around for more than half century and there is not letting up they would be alongside you when stepping into the next millennium too.