CTS Fishing Rods and Blanks

CTS Fishing Rods


The passion to create was the precursor to the birth of CTS fishing rods in the year 1999 which comes to you from even below “Down Under”, from a country that knows it’s seas and famous for its fishing industry.

New Zealand is the home for CTS fishing rods and since breaking into the very competitive world of fishing rod manufacturing, they have made their indelible mark due to the dedication that has been ingrained in them, to offer the best and nothing but the best, to their many discerning customers spread far and wide across three mighty Oceans that Nature has bestowed on them.

The Oceans have been their biggest assets because in New Zealand they know their fish and how to tame them, and have been perennially living practically off the mixture of the waters of these three mighty Oceans because New Zealand is surrounded by them. If anyone contemplates of teaching the Kiwis how to fish, it would be their undoing because it would be like telling the Eskimos how to keep their fish fresh.

The Kiwis are teaching the world to fish and that is by offering one of their best fishing rods, the CTS fishing rods that have been tried and tested in the three mighty Oceans, to ensure that it performs at optimum best and to provide, the right balance in the hands of the professional who would want nothing but the best.

The founder of this progressive fishing rod manufacturer is a technocrat whose vision is to ensure that fishing is not just a casting of a hook, line and sinker. He believes that there are more technicalities involved if you are to tame the waters, wherever it would be and also get that elusive fish to be lured and take that very important bite.

This symphony between the CTS fishing rods, Man and the beast is something that has to be in perfect harmony if you are to get the catch of the day, if not it would be an empty handed walk back home.

There is much Research and Development (R&D) to ensure that this balance in harmony is created and maintained and towards that vision CTS fishing rods have left no stone unturned and have gone that extra mile so that when a product leaves their manufacturing facility it assures efficiency par excellence.

CTS fishing rods take the long journey from their home territory to provide those professionals in the fishing industry all over the world, just the equipment that they would be yearning for, to catch those “Big Fellahs” that they always wanted to.

When you have CTS rods in your possession there would be a spring in your stride when you walk up to the challenge because you know that you have the best out of the best and that there are corners cut or compromises made when you have to catch the fish for which you need the right CTS rods.

CTS rod blanks are in a class of their own and have been made to match any international standards but some of the models made supersede even such standards and going into a realm of its own where it maintains such high standards that has made it unique in the competitive fishing industry.

Given the extensive research that has gone into every model in the exclusive CTS rod blanks that the company manufactures whilst being in the forefront supplying quality fishing rods to many leading companies around the world, who swear allegiance to our workmanship and detail to maintain exemplary quality standards.

CTS rod blanks are manufactured for specific fellow manufacturers and distributors and they are very cordially conducted but professionally executed procedures that would enhance their reputations and also ours, within the fishing industry as well as within the community.

Customer interests are always kept at the highest levels and there is no stone unturned to ensure that meeting their inputs is their prerogative, because doing so elevates CTS fishing rods to being a totally customer focused company.

All CTS rod blanks are made from computer generated imaging which eliminates any human flaws in their manufacture and the materials used are a high grade of strength enhanced non woven fiber with every carbon fiber blank within the center core in a spiral design format.

The center core is the most important component in the CTS rod blanks and all of them are manufactured with a 100% carbon based manufacturing process and is termed the Carbon Helix core for easy reference to indentify its original designers, who are none other than CTS fishing rods themselves.

Carbon has the specialty of being very light and also tough and strong and that is what has taken CTS fishing rods in this world wind tour of getting the best materials for their best products.

This design concept provides strength and stability whilst being lightweight and with the CTS rod blanks easy to maneuver whether it is a fisherman or woman at the front end of the lines it has gained tremendous popularity across the fisher folks divide.

Continuous improvements are the norm at CTS fishing rods and every tit bit of feedback that is received is fed into our computers and these are fine tuned to bring about improvements to new products as well as existing product lines.

Most of the machinery used in the manufacturing process of CTS rods has been custom built using the technical expertise of the founder and the extremely talented team behind CTS fishing rods.

This has not ceased after the CTS fishing rod manufacturing facility began operations but is a ongoing process where there is always the need to innovate new machinery to bring out new and innovative products that would be far above what others would be contemplating on their drawing boards.

The need to keep pace with a changing world where it is only new innovations that would keep any manufactured product in the marketplace, it is very much what CTS rods have in their minds and endeavors to place that idea high on their agenda and bring out at least 4 to 5 new designs for their products annually.

This has been their success and they would continue to adhere to it to ensure that their CTS rod blanks would stand out tall and proud among the others. Nothing is left to chance and that old saying that “there is many a slip, between the cup and the lip” is taken very seriously within the CTS fishing rods family and every single product that leaves their manufacturing facilities are thoroughly quality checked to being packed and sent on their way.

CTS Vapor Trail Fishing rods

CTS Vapor Trail Rods See Lowest Prices

Appropriately named it is an elegantly slim profile blank with superlative workmanship which slides through the air with the least resistance when casted and has a distance of 10 to 13 feet.

Manufactured from high grade Carbon that is light in weight the parabolic action is enhanced and marries well with its computer aided design. The CTS HM Carbon system enhances the strength provided by the VeroCore Carbon Helix that in the core of the CTS vapor trail all of which makes a very formidable combination that gives the strength it needs when casted distances.

Though light weight it is very strong and is flexible allowing easy movement when needed and preferred by anglers who have used such easy going rods similar to the CTS vapor trail fishing rods. The CTS vapor trails boast’s of good power when needed and can stand up to powerful casts and has a high rate of performance with any fish putting a fight being easily subdued, due the strength of the specially designed rod blanks.

The range of models with different strengths are available at very competitive prices and if you are seeking out a slim and strong blank rod then the answer would be the CTS vapor trails.

CTS Fly Fishing Rods

CTS Fly Rods See Lowest Prices

There is a tremendous demand being generated for CTS fly rods with its popularity increasing especially in the United States and very endeavor being made to bring innovative improvements to the complete range that are available at the moment.

CTS fly rods are made with the same materials, which is the high grade Carbon non woven fibers that are used in other models and have proved their mettle in actual fishing conditions and some under very trying ones indeed.

Picking up your CTS fly rods would be easy as you would not need to look far and wide as most reputed fishing rod manufacturers’ source out their blanks from us, and you could find the ideal one for you when needed. Striving to build the best since they entered the fishing industry in 1999, CTS fishing rods will continue to do so with new and better performing innovations and have lined up new products that are still on the drawing boards, which would see the light of day soon, and when they leave their manufacturing facilities, it is imperative that you would have the best.