DAIWA Freshwater Reels

DAIWA Freshwater Fishing Reels
The year 1958 brought a new dimension to the big game sport fishing industry with the founding of the DAIWA brand which has since then brought some of the most innovative products that have created ripples of interest among anglers.
DAIWA introduced the Open Faced Reel assembly in 1965 which was a revolutionized concept which took the traditional spool which was in a Closed Faced Reel design to the outside.
This enabled the angler to conveniently wind in more line onto the spool which enhanced an improved feel and a faster spin the success of which stunned the sport fishing industry.
Since then DAIWA has never looked back but have gone into top gear researching and developing some of the most innovative and successful reel designs in the history of the sport fishing industry, which is envied by its competition.
The foray into exclusivity with specially designed Freshwater Fishing Reels made DAIWA stand out as a force to reckon with in this very competitive industry with every product being a winner all the way and the first preference for many.
The product portfolio of DAIWA Freshwater Fishing Reels is innovation at its best and provides every angling enthusiast a fishing reel for use in any freshwater environment and in any difficult situation making them versatility at its optimum.
One of the best innovations that have become standard on all DAIWA reels is the MAGSEALED technology which is a prerequisite to ensure that the Stainless Steel ball bearings inside fishing reels did not catch rust and damage.
MAGSEALED ensures that not a speck of a water droplet gets into the ball bearings as it employs specially developed magnetic oil which DAIWA has named appropriately as MAGOIL which seals the bearings from the inside with a magnetic field.
This ensures that no water or any other foreign body could penetrate in and which allows the High Grade Stainless Steel balls embedded in the MAGOIL, to ensure zero friction and to move easily inside the sealed compartment of the ball bearing.
The MAGSEALED technology has reduced the need for regular maintenance of DAIWA Freshwater Fishing Reels and all the other reels manufactured by us, as it is water tight and there is no necessity to remove the complete reel assembly and clean up after every use.
If you are planning to challenge the fresh waters of any locality it would be imperative that you take along a DAIWA Freshwater Fishing Reel because having one accompanying you, would ensure ease of tackling any beast in any environment, as technology at its best would be assisting you all the way.

DAIWA STEEZ Baitcasting Reels

The best in the range of any baitcasting reels the DAIWA STEEZ Baitcasting Reels have made an indelible mark in the sporting fishing industry and with an easy to handle ergonomic design it fits into any sized palm.
To induce super light and super strength to the range the reels are manufactured combining highly durable Air Metal and Super Metal to the Main Frame and the Set Plate.
The DAIWA STEEZ Baitcasting Reels are available in four (04) models with lines per crank of between 26.2 inches to 29.5 inches providing faster drawing of the line.
They also have an impressive gear ratio with a pair with 6.3 and the other pair with 7.1 with every reel at a constant weight of 5.5 ounces making them light in the hands for easy and convenient maneuvering.
All the four (04) models are also designed with a drag of 11.0 pounds across the range with standard spool diameter of 34 millimeters, and handle lengths of 80 millimeters providing the right feel in the hand when you need it most.

DAIWA ZILLION Baitcasting Reels

There is none other that could match the DAIWA ZILLION Baitcasting Reels in strength, stability and performance which is encased in an Aluminum frame and ZAION side cover on the gear side to protect it.
The Duralumin SV Concept Spool, Air Brake System, and an Ultimate Tournament Drag of 13.2 pounds coupled with a TWS Long cast with Minimum backlash
It has been a quick draw and what the DAIWA ZILLION Baitcasting Reels offers is for both left and right hand users with a cut away 90 mm Swept Handle to easy tackling of adversaries at the end of the line.
A very popular line up at all world fishing shows, DAIWA ZILLION Baitcasting Reels have been the top draw with the Ultimate Tournament Drag (U.T.Drag) which are oversized carbon drag washers that allow optimum fish stopping power.
DAIWA’s innovative T-wing system has increased the line flowing aperture which has solved a perennial problem anglers had to contend with and which was unique to baitcasting level wind systems.

DAIWA TATULA Baitcasting Reels

If it is freshwater challenges that we are aspiring for the DAIWA TATULA Baitcasting Reels are just what we would need with rugged lightweight Aluminum frames and side plates.
It could be the rushing waters of the violent rapids DAIWA TATULA Baitcasting Reels would be the best answer with impressive Air Rotation, T-Wing system, and the unique Ultimate Tournament Carbon Drag (UTD), which all combine to exude exemplary performance.
Professional and amateur anglers alike have always preferred DAIWA TATULA Baitcasting Reels bestowed with 8 Bearing System, Infinite Anti Reverse, corrosion resistant clutch mechanism and a unique I-Shaped handle knob.
Tackling any beast in any freshwater environment would need the right equipment and the DAIWA TATULA Baitcasting Reels with Gear Ratios of 5.4:1, 6.3:1, 7.3:1 and 8.1:1 are just ideal for any situation.
There are more than a dozen models in this line up and DAIWA offers them with various combinations which provide the angler to select the most suitable to the task at hand and all of them come with the same toughness, smoothness and durability.

DAIWA LEXA Baitcasting Reels

The portfolio in this very impressive range is really exquisite to say the least and the DAIWA LEXA Baitcasting Reels have always stood the test of time with its specially designed Aluminum frame and side plate.
The 7 Bearing System coupled with Stainless Steel Drive and Pinion gears and Magforce cast control provides a very unique combination with Extra Line capacity ensuing strong lines to bring in powerful fish.
From the Americas to the European continent and across to Asia and Australia this DAIWA line up with Eva Custom built handle knobs and Infinite Anti Reverse technology has made its impeccable mark.
The DAIWA LEXA Baitcasting Reels have a special place in the hearts and minds with its swept handle and weight reducing cut outs with a 25 pounds maximum drag assisted by the unique Ultimate Tournament Drag (UTD) technology.
The professionals know what they would be comfortable with and choose a DAIWA because of the multiple choices of models they have in all their product ranges and in this line up, there are 09 highly efficient fishing reels that many other manufacturers cannot offer.


MAGSEALED is DAIWA technology at its best and has been a development that took the fishing industry by surprise and in excited euphoria since it was just what they were waiting for a very long time.
Water sealed ball bearings using this state of the art technology was what the fishing reels lacked for many years and once DAIWA brought out the prototypes and proved its success on the freshwater rapids and other places the interest caught on.
The DAIWA EXIST MAGSEALED Spinning Reels have Two Magsealed Ball Bearings (MBB), on either side of the Drive Gear system provide firm stability coupled with the Magsealed Main Shaft and Line Roller.
The advent of the MAGSEALED technology has brought a new dimension to how we would fish in any environment with its Zaion body and Air Rotor encased in a strong Aluminum housing, provide strength and stability.
DAIWA has brought the DigiGear technology which is unique in its own right, which is a digital gear design coupled with a 13 Ball Bearing system with a free Neoprene reel bag.

DAIWA CERTATE Spinning Reels

Is another range of reels from the DAIWA family, which are the fruits of many years of extensive research and labor with Magsealed Drive Gear on both sides, coupled with Magsealed Main Shaft and Line Roller in a Protrusion free Air Bail.
The DAIWA CERTATE Spinning Reels were introduced by DAIWA to enhance the range of fishing reels in their portfolio and these have a 10 ball Bearing system provided in a DigiGear system which is unique to DAIWA.
The DAIWA CERTATE Spinning Reels have made their mark on the freshwater circuits of every major competition with its Zaion Air Rotor for lighter weight and greater sensitivity.
DAIWA CERTATE Spinning Reels have made their presence known in no uncertain terms with its corrosion resistant reels encased in strong Aluminum to provide efficiency in performance in any condition.
DAIWA has always brought in new innovations and Magoil is one of the best technologies which couple’s a special magnetic oild to sela the inner workings of every vulnerable reel and is now used across all models.

DAIWA LUVIAS Spinning Reels

The DAIWA LUVIAS Spinning Reels are just one in the many to choose from and designed with a Magsealed Main Shaft encased in a super strong Aluminum Zaion body with the Air Bail made of lightweight stainless steel.
There is none other than a DAIWA to get us on top with a 9 Ball Bearing system in corrosion resistant in a Magsealed casing to ensure performance at its best.
The DAIWA LUVIAS Spinning Reels are superlative in performance and very durable in action with Gear Ratios from 4.8:1 to 5.7:1 which provides the discerning angler quite a selection when they want the best.
We should never leave on any freshwater fishing expedition without the right equipment and on top of our list should be the appropriate fishing reel and that is what DAIWA offers, the best as nothing else would do.
Incorporating all the advantages that other DAIWA reels offer like for instance the Ultimate Tournament Drag (UTD) with maximum drag of 15.4 pounds,
The six models in the DAIWA LUVIAS Spinning Reels are divided into two categories, the Air ABS Shallow Spool models and the Aluminum Deep Spool models.
These models have also very impressive “Line per Handle Turns” ranging from a low 23.6 inches to 37.4 inches with weights distributed through 6.2 ounces to 9.0 ounces all giving the discerning angler a very wide choice of wishing in any freshwater environment.


The name of the game, like in any other sport is to be tough and that is exactly what the new range of DAIWA BALLISTIC LT Spinning Reels does justice to with a smaller frame, body and housing.
It does not stop there it carries another very important trait and that is depicted well in its portfolio of products in this range and that is the “LT” which identifies it as “LIGHT and TOUGH”.
The Zaion concept coupled with the LT design brings durability in strength and yet is very light as it machined from A7075 aircraft grade Aluminum incorporated with DigiGear smoothness and efficiency.
The DAIWA BALLISTIC LT Spinning Reels keeps its promises and would deliver exemplary results with the anti corrosion Magsealed technology and the 7 Ball Bearing systems that have brought many laurels to DAIWA.
Selecting and taking DAIWA BALLISTIC LT Spinning Reels would assure us that we have the right equipment for any eventuality with seven models n this series.
They range in weights from 5.8 ounces to 11.1 ounces and “line per handle turn” available from 25.5 inches to 34.5 inches and coupled with maximum drags of 11.0 pounds to 26.4 pounds.
Bringing a tough adversary home may be a very tough task but only DAIWA BALLISTIC LT Spinning Reels could assist us in such an endeavor and ensure that we meet the challenges thrown at us.