Daiwa Saltwater Reels

DAIWA Saltwater Reels

Saltwater is more corrosive than freshwater and it becomes more imperative that any moving parts are well and truly protected from splashes of sea water especially fishing gear used in the high seas or even inshore and surf fishing.

The outer of fishing gear could be washed with freshwater and wiped clean after use but it is those parts that are supposed to be sealed especially in fishing reels that needs to be well protected because any specks of seawater seeping in could be detrimental to the mechanism.

The perennial problem encountered by fishing reel manufacturers has been the seeping of seawater into the reels moving parts especially the ball bearings.

Stainless steel ball bearings was thought to be the answer and high grade steel was employed but still the problem persisted and over time the high grade stainless steel ball bearing did corrode and catch rust.

A technology had to be developed to ensure a 100% water sealed compartment to be developed where not an atom of H2O was able to penetrate the ball bearing compartment.

Years of research did not yield results for many reel manufacturers and they were found wanting in their quest to find the answer to this very pertinent problem.

DAIWA has found the perfect answer for that problem with our long experience coupled with intensive Research and Development (R&D) and the subsequent manufacture of DAIWA Saltwater Fishing Reels and incorporates’ MAGSEALED technology.

This has been the breakthrough that the fishing industry was looking forward to and they have got DAIWA to provide that answer and MAGSEALED is without doubt a futuristic technology and has proved as the perfect foil for intruding seawater.

Supplementing the MAGSEALED technology is DAIWA’s progress in providing the professional angler DAIWA Saltwater Fishing Reels that could take any beast of the sea without much ado.

Strength, stability, balance and performance is what an angler would need when tackling the struggling adversary at the end of the line and that is what all DAIWA Saltwater Fishing Reels provides at optimum level.

When professional or even amateur saltwater anglers have the right tools in their hands no environment beyond the shore would be unchallengeable and that is what DAIWA Saltwater Fishing Reels offer.

DAIWA has been in the forefront of the sport fishing industry worldwide and has numerous accolades to our credit and among them are many IGFA world records and tournament winners and champions.

We have been striving to provide the perfect fishing gear to our discerning professional, amateur and even beginner anglers the best fishing equipment that would be easy and convenient to handle and make them winners all the way.

DAWIA does not rest on our laurels but are always persevering to bring the best when times change and the needs and requirements of our discerning customers change and the situations change.

Meeting the challenges thrown by the high seas have to be met with the stringent of equipment and the anglers behind their fishing gear expect the manufacture of their gear to deliver the results when they have caught the beast and would need to drag it aboard or on to the shore.

DAIWA Saltwater Fishing Reels is always up to that challenge and would endeavor to ensure that we bring the best equipment offering an equal chance to our anglers and the catch at the end of the line.

Daiwa Mag Sealed Ball Bearings


The ball bearings which are the most intricate part of any fishing reel, helps the spool to revolve freely at zero friction for high efficiency and superlative performance.

Since the first fishing reels were manufactured there have been issues with this technology as it was at its nascent stage and it has been a very contentious issue encountered by every reel manufacturer.

DAIWA spent many man hours trying to find the perfect ploy for the very adamant water which fishing reels are constantly exposed to and to keep them out of the ball bearings and now uses state of the art space engineering technology in Magsealed.

The breakthrough came with the state of the art MAGSEALED technology which revolutionized the manufacture of the much heralded water resistant ball bearings with no water able to damage the moving stainless steel balls within.

MAGSEALED uses a technology that is far ahead of its times and with the use of a patented magnetic oil appropriately named as MAGOIL has been able to seal the stainless steel ball bearings from the inside.

To achieve this unique possibility the MAGOIL uses magnetic force to seal the insides of the stainless steel ball bearing compartment to ensure that not an atom of H2O could penetrate the seal, which is 100% guaranteed water tight.

Daiwa Costal TWS

DAIWA COSTAL TWS Baitcasting Reels

This range of DAIWA saltwater reels have incorporated the MAGASEALED technology and ensures that not one drop of water would penetrate by which it would protect the stainless steel ball bearing and provide long term use.

Especially designed and developed for saltwater environments the DAIWA COASTAL TWS Baitcasting Reels are machined from aircraft grade A7075 Aluminum and has incorporated Daiwa’s own TWS system.

The DAIWA COASTAL TWS Baitcasting Reels have always been a winner and the 8 Ball Bearing systems, coupled with the Ultimate Tournament Drag at 15.4 pounds maximum also incorporate the Magforce Cast Control.

The unique advantage DAIWA COASTAL TWS Baitcasting Reels have provided over the years incorporating all the technology that they have developed being put into their fishing reels like the EVA custom handle knob and the high strength gearing material.

Professional saltwater anglers and even amateurs who are new to the big game fishing sport have placed their faith on the DAIWA COASTAL TWS Baitcasting Reels for its unique left and right availability.

Sport fishing is becoming very popular around the world and DAIWA COASTAL TWS Baitcasting Reels have everything it takes from corrosion resistant parts to incorporating space technology to get their products right.

Daiwa Arid Baitcasting reels

DAIWA AIRD Baitcasting Reels

The performance and durability of the DAIWA AIRD Baitcasting Reels have lasted the test of time and uses top of the range high grade Aluminum in the brand new re-designed lightweight composite frame and side plate.

Incorporating the well entrenched MAGSEALED technology the DAIWA AIRD Baitcasting Reels are the first choice of discerning anglers and with the I-Shape soft touch handle knob they know what they are holding in their hands.

The professionals have sworn allegiance to DAIWA which has Magforce Cast Control, Magsealed Ball Bearing technology and the Ultimate Tournament Carbon Drag enabling 11.0 pounds of maximum drag.

The portfolio of DAIWA AIRD Baitcasting Reels has a very highly successful track record and has never failed the discerning angler and incorporates a 10 Ball Bearing system in this exclusive range.

The DAIWA AIRD Baitcasting Reels incorporates the much heralded 90 mm Swept Handle technology for less wobble, better hold and excellent winding power on the reel providing long lasting optimum performance coupled with successful results in any tough environment.

The best of what DAIWA has to offer is made available to the angler fighting to subdue the beast in four superlative models with a right hand and left hand options.

Daiwa Millionaire Mag Surf


If it is a fishing reel of the highest quality standards that you are looking for then there is none other than one from the exquisite range of DAIWA MILLIONAIRE MAG SURF Baitcasting Reels.

Designed, developed and manufactured to the stringent of standards using the best materials available and incorporating the state of the art MAGSEALED technology the range has some of the best fishing reels that you could lay your hands on.

Very aptly named it is a millionaire’s choice no doubt because this range has all the trappings that the rich and is made from aircraft grade A7075 Aluminum and Magforce cast Control for added stability and performance.

Taking out one in the range out to the sea in very high saltwater conditions the MAGSEALED technology is sure to stand up to the rigors of Nature that it would have to endure.

They are built to last the test of strength from the mightiest of the oceans and with one accompanying you it would be a cakewalk to tame any beast of the sea and incorporates Ultimate Tournament Carbon Drag for superlative performance.

Daiwa Bay Jigging reels


We need to be equipped with the best if we are to brave the high and mighty seas and tackle the best in the open seas and for that task there is none other the DAIWA SALTIGA BAY JIGGING Spinning Reels.

DAIWA has mastered the art of jigging and have passed it on to our discerning big game fishing enthusiasts and the development of the unique range of DAIWA SALTIGA BAY JIGGING Spinning Reels is just one of that.

Every fishing reel designed and developed by DAIWA for the unpredictable saltwater environment has the ability to withstand the tough conditions it would be called upon to endeavor.

The MAGSEALED technology is just one of them and there are many like it with the LT technology which is “Light and Tough” which are all designed with durability and performance as the ultimate objectives.

The DAIWA SALTIGA BAY JIGGING Spinning Reels These Saltwater fishing reels at its best and with quite a range in the lineup it is just what anyone professional or amateur fishing enthusiast would need to carry when stepping out to tackle the vagaries of the mighty seas.

Daiwa Saltiga Magsealed spinning


MAGSEALED technology in the DAIWA SALTIGA MAGSEALED Spinning Reels ensures the total protection of all moving parts with three (03) ball bearings with the stainless steel balls providing zero friction for ease of movement.

A technology that was developed by DAIWA after many years of Research and Development (R&D) by the expert team of scientists at their superlative facilities the answer came in the form of MAGSEALED which used MAGOIL.

This ensures that there is total friction free movement of the stainless steel balls providing the spools and the reel a100% level of efficiency which only DAIWA could boast of with 14 Ball Bearings and Air bail for added strength.

DAIWA has always striven to bring the best technology and it comes in the form of Air Rotor Carbon Composite and the automatic rotor brakes keeps the rotor stationary when the bails is opened.

The DAIWA SALTIGA MAGSEALED Spinning Reels has incorporated Dual full time infinite anti reverse and manual bail trip for maximum performance and reliability.

The DigiGear technology which is a digitally designed gear system provides superlative responses and with the Ultimate Tournament Carbon Drag that has a minimum of 22 pounds and a maximum of 66 pounds.

All this is encompassed in a high grade single block machined Aluminum casing for extreme strength and stability and the four models available come in weights ranging from 15.9 ounces to 29.5 ounces.

Daiwa saltiga dog fight


The DAIWA range that is specially designed and developed to tame the mightiest of beasts of the sea and like the dog fights up in the sky where the better flying machine would win the day the DAIWA SALTIGA MAGSEALED DOG FIGHT Spinning Reels endeavor to achieve the same.

Only the best could fight to win against the best and with Air Rotor Zaion composite, automatic rotor brakes, light weight ABS Aluminum spool and DigiGear digital gear technology all come together to provide superlative experiences at all times.

The DAIWA SALTIGA MAGSEALED DOG FIGHT Spinning Reels employs Magsealed technology with three (03) Magsealed Ball Bearings in a sealed ball bearing roller.

To tackle those very obstinate beasts of the seas DAIWA SALTIGA MAGSEALED DOG FIGHT Spinning Reels offer the professional angler Dual Full time infinite anti reverse technology incorporated in a rigid machined Aluminum body.

Once you have the mighty one of the sea at the end of your line the DAIWA SALTIGA MAGSEALED DOG FIGHT Spinning Reels built in technology takes over with the Ultimate Tournament Carbon drag at maximum drag of 66 pounds.

Daiwa Saltist spinning reel

DAIWA SALTIST Spinning Reels

Saltwater fishing could be quite daunting compared to freshwater fishing because the mighty beasts of the sea may not be living in the freshwaters of the inlands hence it would be a totally different strategy we would need to adopt.

The DAIWA SALTIST Spinning Reels have been developed with this in mind and incorporate Magsealed ball bearings in a Magsealed line roller and main shaft which has anti corrosion properties and gives stability and superlative performance with zero friction.

DAIWA offers HardBodyz Aluminum machined super light frame and side cover with a light weight Air Rotor design with Ultimate Tournament Carbon Drag at a maximum 33 pounds.

The DAIWA SALTIST Spinning Reels would be an extension of our character with DigiGear computer aided digitally designed technology coupled with Dual Full time anti reverse technology and with a maximized core diameter in the recently innovated spool design.

There are seven (07) superlative models in the DAIWA SALTIST Spinning Reels range with “Line per handle Turns” of a low 33.2 inches expanding to an impressive 53.3 inches.

The models have a very convenient weight distribution too ranging from 9.5 ounces to 30 ounces which have maximum drags of 15.4 pounds rising up to 33 pounds.

Daiwa Saltiga Star drag


The DAIWA SALTIGA STAR DRAG could be proudly called the range of fishing reels that were born and bred in the mighty seas as it has been a flagship range in the DAIWA family.

They have endured the toughest of times in the hands of the most professional anglers and have always been winners all the way and have never let down the club at any time.

The DAIWA SALTIGA STAR DRAG is designed with the much renowned Magesealed and Magsealed Ball Bearings which keeps it corrosion free and with superlative performance at zero friction.

The professionals have sworn allegiance to the DAIWA SALTIGA STAR DRAG for its machine cut DigiGear the digitally designed gear technology with the soft touch custom built handle knob.

Performance and reliability have been optimum with the seven (07) models in this series with a maximum drag of 25 pounds and gear ratios varying between, 5.1:1 to 6.4:1, which would provide very impressive lineups, to select for the discerning angler.

The spool has a click which is ideal for live baits and with the super grade Aluminum it is machined and made the strength and stability would remain at the highest levels.

Daiwa Saltiga 2 speed lever drag


The range of fishing reels that DAIWA has introduced to their discerning professional big game fishing enthusiasts are impressive and the Daiwa Saltiga 2-Speed Lever Drag with simple one touch gear shift with the incorporated DigiGear digitally designed gear system strand out among the rest.

Six (06) corrosion free CRBB ball bearings with Magsealed technology to provide anti corrosion properties aided by massive stainless steel gears drives the Daiwa Saltiga 2-Speed Lever Drag to attain optimum power in the machined high grade Aluminum casing.

It is the perseverance in meeting their objectives, dedication to quality and reliability in performance that has brought DAIWA all the accolades that they have received over the years.

The Ultimate Tournament Carbon drag which builds up from a low of 26 pounds to 40 pounds is impressive to say the least aided by Centrifugal casting brakes.

The Daiwa Saltiga 2-Speed Lever Drag has achieved such great heights in this industry and with the development of their industry first in the MAGSEALED technology and have never looked back since.

Incorporated with a machined Aluminum rod clamp and precision ratchet anti reverse technology the Daiwa Saltiga 2-Speed Lever Drag provides exemplary service when out at sea.

Daiwa Saltiga hyper speed lever drag


Big game fishing is not only an art but a discipline that needs to be nurtured and developed over a period of time and those who are enthusiastic about this very demanding sport have to physically fit too if they are to get the better of their adversary.

There are seven (07) models in this series providing a very wide choice with weights ranging from 16.2 ounces to 35 ounces and have a maximum drag of 40 pounds.

The right equipment comes in the way of the Daiwa Saltiga Hyper Speed Lever Drag reels which have an impressive Hyper Gear Speed ratio of 7.3:1, which is possible with its DigiGear technology which has been designed and developed digitally.

The weight distribution among the different models in this series varies between 16.2 ounces to 35 ounces providing strength and power when needed.

DAIWA has always been in the forefront offering the best equipment and with their state of the art space engineering technology developed through the years of trying to bring out the best, MAGSEALED the best of their technological advances were born.

Magsealed technology prevents any corrosion keeping the Magsealed Ball Bearings in perfect zero friction to enable superlative performance and efficiency when you need it.

The Daiwa Saltiga Hyper Speed Lever Drag reels incorporate the Ultimate Tournament Carbon Drag system, Centrifugal Casting Brakes and machined Aluminum rod clamp and spool to provide superlative performances in any environment.

The Dual System Infinite Anti Reverse stops the massive stainless steel gears when required providing stability in performance when needed and a offset power handle for exemplary control of the reel in your hands.

The Daiwa Saltiga Hyper Speed Lever Drag reels incorporates all of DAIWA’s technologies developed over the years from the icing on the cake the Magsealed technology, to using aircraft grade A7075 Aluminum in single block to manufacture frames and casings.

Daiwa Saltist Lever Drag


Big game fishing is a multi-billion dollar industry in the world and there are many manufacturers of fishing equipment who want to take a piece of the pie and some of them spend millions on Research and Development (R&D).

DAIWA has developed this series which has five (05) models with uniform gear ratio of 6.3:1 but with weights varying from 14.8 ounces to 23 ounces.

Some of their designs and innovations like the MAGSEALED technology which is incorporated into all their products where it is being used is one of the best that came out of the DAIWA manufacturing facilities.

Through the years DAIWA has developed fast One Touch Gear shift with the DigiGear digitally designed gear technology and the Ultimate Tournament Carbon Drag system, and the Dual full time Infinity Anti reverse technologies.

The gears are precision made and perform so too, as they are made of the finest precision stainless steel as nothing else would be best for the DAIWA brand.

Corrosion in the stainless steel ball bearing was an issue that they could not find an answer to but DAIWA did find it and it is still considered as space age technology and state of the art space engineering technology in Magsealed was incorporated into reel.

It would be interesting to note that this technology is being employed in many other applications and with DAIWA they employ it to ensure that all their internal Ball bearings which are susceptible to corrosion are safe.

The DAIWA SALTIST 2-SPEED LEVER DRAG range has made its indelible mark in the big game fishing industry and is striving with what they have offered and with the backing that DAIWA has behind all their products the sky could be the limit for it too.

The aircraft grade A7075 Aluminum that is used for the frames and casings are ideally suited for such very enduring and challenging encounters at sea with some of the wildest beasts around.

Daiwa Saltist hyper speed


It has been said umpteen times that the best equipment would deliver the best results and that is very true when we venture out to sea to tame those very aggressive beasts out there.

The use of aircraft grade A7075 Aluminum to machine the frame and casing ensures that it is strong as well as light weight ensuring easy handling and with the offset power handle and the round speed knob stability is assured when it is needed.

The DAIWA SALTIST HYPER SPEED LEVER DRAG range is one of the best that came out of the manufacturing facilities of the DAIWA family which has the best technology that came from DAIWA the Magsealed ball Bearings.

Magsealed has kept the corrosion out and provided zero friction allowing the ball bearings to provide superlative performance and with the DigiGear technology that has been developed digitally has given an added impetus.

It is what we select from the wide range of products that DAIWA has which incorporate all the technology that has been developed like the Ultimate Tournament Carbon drag, precision stainless steel gears and Dual system infinite anti reverse.

Big game fishing has no boundaries and is a sport that has a very popular following with many taking up the sport with enthusiasm and interest as it pushes adrenaline level to the optimum.

The precision helical cut gears assures easy movement and when needed to drag it is the best technology that has been incorporated and a asset in the angler’s hand.

Daiwa Black Gold Star Drag


The big game fishing industry has grown and many very selective tournaments are held all over the world for professional and amateurs as well and to compete in them we would need to be experienced and enterprising.

The Daiwa Saltist Black Gold Star Drag range incorporates the best technology that came from DAIWA the Magsealed technology which is state of the art amalgamating space engineering knowhow too.

The five (5) Ball Bearings are corrosion free and the Infinite anti reverse system ensures that there is ease of use on the hands and would maintain the right balance.

This series has five (05) models which are machined from one piece of aircraft grade A7075 Aluminum to ensure that the frame and side plate remain light as well as strong, balanced and stable when in use

The Daiwa Saltist Black Gold Star Drag incorporates DigiGear which is a digitally designed technology and has been one of the picks at every competition and the innovations that DAIWA has brought forth.

Equipped with the spool click selector which is good when live bait is being used and also a system to lock the reel when tackling big game of the wild seas.

The Ultimate Tournament Carbon Drag with a maximum of 19.8 pounds and a weight distribution of 16.5 ounces and a optimum of 22.7 ounces there is one for every discerning angler.

Daiwa power Assist Reels


The innovations are rolling out and DAIWA is still aspiring to develop better products and add to their impressive portfolio and DAIWA POWER ASSIST Reels are also a major component of that aspiration.

Designed and developed for saltwater environments they are just what we would need if we are to bring home winners as they have been tested under the most stringent conditions at sea and have been proved effective in the quest to tackle the seas and tame the beasts.

The DAIWA POWER ASSIST Reels are just a part of what DAIWA has to offer and if we are to peruse the product line that they have to offer it is very impressive indeed and there is a product for everyone.

If you are contemplating of trying your hand at sea to take in those tough catch then there is nothing but one from the DAIWA POWER ASSIST Reels that you would need and if not one of the many in the DAIWA range.

DAIWA fishing reels are all incorporated with the MAGSEALED technology which is state of the art and it provides long life and durability to all their reels which was not an option a few years back.

Today MAGSEALED has completely changed the way that fishing reels are performing especially those from the DAIWA family as others have still to get their act righted.