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“Birds of a feather, flock together”, a very appropriate saying for all those clubs and associations around the United States of America and the world, who have bonded themselves together when they find a common interest. Every club or association would have common interests, common objectives and common problems or for that matter anything that they find common which would strengthen their resolve of being together as a common voice to put forward collective decisions or in other instances, even to address common grievances. If it was one single member of any fraternity who was to voice an opinion in any forum, it is very unlikely that he or she would be heard or his or her opinion taken seriously, even if it would sound logical and relevant to those who listen to him or her. In today’s modern world most things in life are intertwined with an element of politics, it may not necessarily mean the blue and red type but there is an undercurrent of personal, cultural, ethnic or even fraternal differences that comes to the fore in our society. The tumultuous beginnings of the issue of labor rights in the United States could be the precursor for the formation of clubs and associations around the country, when different fraternities found themselves being excluded from the common voice and decided that they had to have their own collective voice if they were to be heard in the larger society. This strategy has worked very effectively for all such collective voices, if not for which most of what we see around us that are beneficial to those members of any individual fraternity, would not be enjoyed by them, today. It is in this context that if you are a member of any fraternity, whatever it may be, you are a part of a small segment in a larger society and it would be in your better interests to join with that small segment because as an individual you would not have the strength of voice and “political” clout when you find your back to the wall. On the contrary if you are a member of a fraternity that is vibrant and a powerful segment in the larger society it is very likely that when your peers stand beside you, the collective voice that would emanate will be heard by the same larger society, which refused to hear you earlier. It is because of this disparity in our society that for “better or worse” it would be prudent on everyone of every fraternity to be together and “collectively voice their single opinion”, which would be forceful enough for anyone on the other side of the divide to ignore or set aside. Hence if you are in the business of fishing, it is best to remember that you are a member of a very vibrant and economically powerful segment in our society and rather than your individual voice, the collective voice of your fraternity would be loud enough to shake even the foundations of the Capitol Hill in far away Washington DC. To find your voice it would be in your better interests to join one of the nearest fishing clubs in your community and be a member so that your individual voice would add amplification to the collective voice of your fraternity and would be loud and clear to others not to ignore.

Fishing clubs

Every fisherman should be a member of a fishing club or he would find himself isolated when the chips are down and would lack the support of his peers when he needs to better his lot. As a member of a fishing club you would be a collective voice in a very audible and powerful segment in society and that collective bonding would be the strength that would permeate to others. Fishing clubs offer various advancement opportunities to their members where different fishing strategies that are innovated anywhere would be brought along to the members so that they could improve their day to day operations. Regular events would be organized to keep the tempo of the fishing club high at all times, which would in turn draw the business community which benefits economically from the members who would be purchasing relevant products and services, from them. The business community serving the fishing clubs play a very crucial role in the fishing industry, where they not only sell their products and services but help to sustain the community because only when the fishermen produce the results that they would be able to further their interests. It is a very simple principle and to say it colloquially, “you scratch my back and I scratch yours”, and there is nothing wrong with such an arrangement neither is there any ethical obstacles nor legal impediments which could be construed differently. The crux of the matter is that the members of the fishing clubs benefit immensely from such an arrangement which has short and long term mutual advantages to both the business and fishing communities. The business organizations need the fishing clubs and its members to buy their products and with competition at its peak at anytime with any let or lease the fishing community has much to gain along with its members. The popularity of a fishing club would induce other fishing communities to join in and one such organization is the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society or BASS which boats of a worldwide membership that stands at half million today. This sort of popularity provides the society and its members a very strong and loud voice in matters of fishing when their interests are at stake, and the powers that be, would be obliged to take such points of view seriously when amalgamating new laws or procedures that affect the fishing community. Such collective decisions could be influenced only if all fishermen stand together, if not which there could be arbitrary decisions being taken by others that could be detrimental to the better interests of the fishing community at large.

Fishing club meetings

When any fisherman becomes a member of a fishing club he or she would be privileged to attend all fishing club meetings organized by his or her club. These fishing club meetings would be the best forum that any fisherman could air his grievances and also suggest more innovative ways of going about their business. If all members of the fishing club could arrive at a consensus on any such matters they would be at liberty to endorse them and ensure that they are adopted into the affairs of the club. It is important that members attend fishing club meetings regularly and ensure their participation is recorded which would enhance their standing in the club as well as within the fishing community. All events that the fishing club would organize during a calendar year that are beneficial to all members would be discussed in detail at these fishing club meetings and decisions taken as to how they would be conducted. It is mandatory that all members attend these fishing club meetings which would not only project transparency within the club but also extend beyond, into the community which would be a good sign to show collective responsibilities.

Fishing club tournaments

The fishing club would need to generate funds to sustain it and the best way of doing so would be to organize various competitive fishing club tournaments, which could either pitch the talents of the members of the club within themselves or pit them against other fishing clubs in the vicinity. All fishing club tournaments help build camaraderie among the members of the fishing club and also with members of other fishing clubs. All such fishing club tournaments would have the unstinted support of the business community and the fishing clubs could raise substantial revenue at such events and tournaments to finance their other projects which would invariably be directed to good causes within the community. This is why it is not only advantages for every fisherman to be a member of a fishing club but also an active member contributing to its success which would be good for the community too. Some of the fishing club tournaments being held around the United States draw unprecedented crowds from all strata of the community and could be considered as a few days of fun and frolic for the whole family. There has never been a dearth of such activities around the country and if you look around there would be at least one such fishing club tournament being held somewhere along the coastline of the United States. Many of the fishing club tournaments that are being held around the country permeates a sense of festive air around it and this is what draw the crowds who eagerly wait for such events to travel long distances to ensure that they are part of the action too. It is this sort of enthusiasm that prevails at fishing club tournaments and if you are a fisherman and are part of such activities it would be a good example for your children too.