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Members of every profession, trade, fraternity, hobbies etc band together and form associations, alumni and forums to exchange common ideas. Such collectivity helps to propagate their cause, safeguard their interests and in most cases to extend those interests, beyond and along with others related to their common interests, to build mutually beneficial business relationships as well. The world fishing industry is under the microscope for all the wrong things some of which may have substance but the majority not, still the multi billion dollar industry has to be sustained and the best way to go about doing it would be through the formation of websites such as this.

Fishing over the years

Fishing has been a perennial interest and is today a very large billion dollar industry worldwide and though there are some contradictions in the total quantum of fish production in the world with the United Nation Organization’s (UNO), subsidiary the World Food Program (WFP), recording that it is around 100 million tons and decreasing, there has been an increase seen in some parts of the world. Apart from the large commercial fishing where huge trawlers are utilized with very large fishing nets to catch tons of fish at one time, the interests in sport fishing, has seen an evident and substantial increase in some areas, especially around prominent fishing ports. This interest or hobby in the sphere of sport fishing has brought a new sense of euphoria among a new band of interested individuals and shot a dose of adrenaline into the whole fishing industry.

Shoaling together in fishing forums

Fishing forums which are in existence around the world under different names are just like the rest formed by interested parties who in this instance happen to be fishermen, women, or others directly or indirectly having something of a common interest with the fishing industry. Most of the time these fishing forums are formed around fishing ports where the action of fishing really exists and where most of those interested in the fishing industry congregate. It is a classic case of “birds of a feather flock together” and this camaraderie among the fishing fraternity is something to be encouraged and ensure that it is done properly. Respective governments and its regulatory bodies that are tasked with keeping the seas and oceans within their purview free of any issues, which would be detrimental to the smooth functioning of their fishing industry, encourage and help the members to keep their fishing forums vibrant and alive. Along with what the governments would extend to the fishing fraternities under their jurisdictions, there are numerous business enterprises who take this opportunity, where hundreds if not thousands unit to bring new products, services, innovative new methods of fishing and other related auxiliary issues to the fore which would interest the members of the fishing forums.

Unity is paramount in the fishing industry

This very close cohesiveness between the fishing forums and the related business fraternity along with the government’s regulatory authorities is doing a world of good to all those who either fish for their living or enjoy it as a hobby, and those who consume fish and others who indirectly benefit from the fishing industry as a very large and happy family. This large family would have a very impressive asset base, wield political clout and be an important component in any country’s economic landscape. The economic and political weight they carry is something that they are aware of and the formation of fishing forums has placed the issue in perspective giving those outside of it reasons to be apprehensive because the fishing industry fills the stomach of the people literally and economically, and could be a very contentious subject to be dilly dallying about. Members of fishing forums should realize their importance and ensure that they speak in one cohesive voice if they are to enjoy the level of respect that they could command but whether they are doing it is what has to be seen, if not now may be in the future of fishing conservation.

Facing the problems by uniting fisherman

A lot is at stake for them and they need to pull up their socks, members of fishing forums should understand that they have many issues to be addressed and they need to do it collectively and in one voice. It is only if they could band together, and follow through the many problems they encounter, and ride the impending waves confidently that they would be able to be at the top or if they don’t it will fall like a stack of cards. The commercial fishing industry has many issues to contend with, especially fishing territories, rights to the seas and oceans which are invariably shared by other countries around which has become a very contentious issue even politically. The real art of fishing with a rod, tackle and line has still retained that exuberance and unflappable interest oblivious to all the turmoil happening around related to the large fishing industry. Sport fishing has seen a renewed interest being generated with the business factor of it taking precedence which has brought additional vigor and is seen as a good step in the right direction to keep this flagging industry in check and to give it the much needed boost. Towards this end the fishing forums are doing a great job by providing information, advice, products and a varied amount of positive inputs that is being appreciated by all and helping to keep the industry on a strong foundation. The fishing industry experiences the introduction of many products directly and indirectly associated with fishing, these new introductions need a platform which would bring it to the public domain, which in this case would be the fishing fraternity.

Fishing businesses to the rescue

Business enterprises introducing these new fishing products could use the presented platform as a medium to bring them to the fishing fraternity and this is what makes the fishing forums a fertile battleground for all those supporting the fishing industry. There is a need for new product introduction and it works well for both sides of the divide and is appreciated by all hence the support is extended to ensure that the platform is kept vibrant as much as possible. Support and auxiliary services have grown and new ideas like the hiring of boats to venture away from the coastline to try to take a good catch are encouraging factors, which are commercially profitable to many whilst providing an exciting opportunity to the fishing enthusiasts to feel the real world of fishing in the high seas at remote destinations. Everyone with a passion to fish may not be able to buy a fishing boat of their own, hence hiring a boat or chartering it for such a fishing voyage is more economical and practical which also gives other related business enterprises to flourish which is good sign for the whole industry. Some innovative entrepreneurs have gone an extra step further and coupled sport fishing into a party mood too, where fishing enthusiasts could enjoy a day of fishing and later on in the evening take a bite of their day’s catch and wine and dine with their fraternity making the whole exercise a day to remember. Such socializing are generally organized by the respective fishing forums to ensure the interests are kept alive and the affiliated business community throws in the required sponsorships, to keep that interest in this very exciting sport at the highest levels of enthusiasm.

Collectivity and strength

When “birds of a feather flock together” it provides a very good opportunity for the introduction of new products, innovative fishing methods, new facilities and a host of other interests that would keep everyone associated with the industry on their toes. This is a very good sign for the sport fishing industry and with many anglers turning to the rod, tackle and line there is a very good future for this hobby on the horizon, with many others liable to join when they see the excitement that others, especially their peers, friends, acquaintances and friends begin to try their hands at it. There is no doubt that fishing forums are in the forefront providing that much needed impetus to ensure that the fishing fraternity stays together and enjoy this sport together. The future for the industry is bright and those who have been contemplating of taking up a rod, tackle and line, this would be the right time. All fishing forums located anywhere would need the support of the people because they are the ones consuming the fish hence there should be a good rapport that they fishing fraternity should build in their community as well as extend it outside too. The fishing industry has survived for centuries and will do in the future too but the increasing world population is slowly tightening the screws and what would be the outcome is anybody’s guess.