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“Seeing is believing”, this is something that we have heard since our childhood and even today it remains so, it is very much embedded in our subconscious minds, that we tend to believe whatever we see, and less of what is said. Though we are still at odds with that belief, when we watch movies where our imagination does run riot in spectacular color and also depicted in action there is still that element of belief we hold in our minds, that what we see could be believed. Other than movies which we have now relegated into our subconscious mind that it is fantasy that we are experiencing during the two hours or so when we are glued to our seats engrossed in what unfolds in front of us. We tend to accept most of everything else we see, when they are in still pictures or videos and the notion that they could be doctored does not cross our minds because we accept the fact that this is not to be equated with the movies. It is in this context that the world of fishing which is a very vibrant multibillion dollar industry, with the United States of America proudly standing there by harvesting about six million (6,000,000) tons of it from all the waters under our purview show on the website some of the fish catch our experienced and adventurous fishermen have tackled we believe it, without any hesitation whatsoever. Most of what our fishermen post on the website are authentic and there is no necessity for them to be doctored because most of the fishing pictures and fishing videos are what our fishermen have caught as prize catches at the fishing tournaments around the country. Some of them which are posted individually are also personally authenticated and hence any room for superfluous material being posted is minimal and with maintaining its own strict guidelines, such incidents could be termed as rare. The other factor would be that the permission to post fishing pictures and fishing videos on the website is strictly limited only to registered members and nobody else.

Posting on the website

There are many websites that you could post your fishing pictures and fishing videos but none of them are dedicated to fishing or its related auxiliary affairs, businesses, events, tournaments, news and a host of other activities compared to In fact there is no comparison at all, the difference of what you would enjoy on all the other websites where you could post your fishing pictures and fishing videos and what is offered to you on is like “chalk and cheese”. The website is membership driven and all those who are someone or somebody has something to do with the multibillion dollar fishing industry and hence by being a member and posting your fishing pictures and fishing videos you would be joining an exclusive club where it is all about fishing and nothing much of anything else. When you post fishing pictures and fishing videos on the umpteen other websites found on the World Wide Web (www) invariably they are lost among the millions that are already flooding those websites, but when you use the dedicated website there are better chances of your efforts being seen by others. It is as simple as saying that on the other websites, your fishing pictures and fishing videos would be “small fish in a big Ocean”, whilst on the dedicated website you would be a “big fish in a small Ocean”. It would also be to your advantage that you would not be competing with all the other pictures and videos on those websites when you are on the dedicated website.

Your own dedicated fishing platform

The website offers all those fishing loving enthusiasts an unique platform dedicated to the intricacies of fishing alone and is pursuing an agenda to ensure that this multibillion dollar industry is taken to every corner of the world with news of what is happening not only in the United States but all around the world. Fishing has sustained the peoples of this world for generations through many millennia and it is envisaged that it would do so into the future too and there is no better way than to apprise everyone who has fishing in their blood to know what is happening in the business of fishing. The website would also help them immensely by offering an opportunity for each and everyone even though remotely connected to fishing and its related activities to interact, exchange ideas, share experiences and indulge in a host of other aspects related to fishing, which would create a large new family, around the world. The fishing industry has never been offered a platform before to share what they have experienced all these centuries but with the innovative website the world opens up and sharing and exchanging knowledge and experiences would become the norm.

Advantages as a member of the community

Once you are accepted and registered as a member of the dedicated fishing platform for everyone you would be presented unprecedented opportunities to participate in auctions, buy fishing related products at competitive prices, browse through fishing reports and many other aspects related to the fishing industry. Registration is free and open to anyone and you are at liberty to post any amount of fishing pictures and fishing videos which you have experienced. You could look up the prevailing patterns of tides in different coastal areas of the United States and gain sufficient knowledge on how they behave in different regions and many more aspects of the tides. You could look up stores that are selling fish tackles and related products close to where you are and just walk around and pick up what you would need. Every outlet selling fish related or fishing products would be on the website for you to browse and look for yourself as to what is on offer.

Fishing pictures

We take pictures for enjoying a moment that we would like to remember and some are taken for posterity and whatever they are for we love to share them and reminisce that moment it was taken. If we caught a small fish and the first in our life, that experience too would be an event to be remembered and shared and why not sharing it on the platform dedicated for fishing and fishing alone. It would go down well with all those fishing enthusiasts around who too would be delighted to see pictures that would be a once in a lifetime event. Fishing pictures do make lifetime trophies that could be mounted on the mantelpiece and preserved for posterity too and they could be shared on the most popular fishing related website and we would be thrilled to carry it and share it with all those fishing enthusiasts out there. Every moment is valuable in our lives and special moments are much dearer and it is our prerogative to preserve those moments and we could do that by the click of the shutter and what it snaps could last for generations.

Fishing videos

Apart from pictures we also love to video our special moments and what better way than to come aboard the only platform for the discerning fishing enthusiast, the website. Fishing videos record true life dramas, not enacted for the camera but events that take place especially on fishing trips out at sea, when you have caught that extra ordinary Sword Fish with an impressive smartness unmatchable by any other fish. A fishing video taken today would be a special moment when it is seen and appreciated by another generation in another era in the future, so preserving such moments are imperative. It is relevant that such authentic fishing videos are seen around the world by all those who love and have dedicated their lives to the fishing industry and this fraternity is in every coastal fishing city of the world. When you post either your fishing pictures or fishing videos on the website it would go viral around the world for everyone to see and enjoy. So posting your fishing pictures and fishing videos would draw a better audience than if it was posted on any other platform as we are dedicated to fishing whilst the others are not. We also have ensured that members would appreciate and respect the privacy of all other members and would ensure that the platform is used diligently and respectfully. The required legal mechanisms are in place to ensure that nothing untoward whatsoever takes place and strict guidelines would be enforced to see that those parameters are adhered to and followed. Every member though enrolled free would be subject to scrutiny to ensure that we have a great big family of fishing enthusiasts acting in unison and in good faith. Everything within our power would be done to ensure that it stays that way and nobody’s privacy id infringed, by any other.