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codfishing in montauk ny

Montauk NY Cod Fishing

Winter : Codfish start showing in January off of block island with a mix of ling, pollack and yellowtail flounder.

We will start with anchoring - when anchoring over any type of structure it is best to anchor up current out of the actual structure and let your anchor line out till you are over the structure. If a cross wind is present and is making your boat sway side to side a correction would be to double anchor. Double anchoring requires that after setting your first anchor, head back up current and away from your first anchor at a 45 degree angle and dropping a second anchor creating a V anchor pattern. You can then let out line on both anchors to position the boat over the structure.

Drifting over structure
- Anytime structure is present you should have one goal " catch as many codfish as possible without losing too much tackle in the process ". The best ways to achieve this is to first start off drifting the edges of the structure. This has pluses and minuses, this is the best place to target the yellowtail flounder with about a 50% activity of cod, pollack and ling. If you feel that you aren't getting enough action then you will need to move into the next phase. Next phase is drifting directly over the structure but not allowing your line to reach the structure, this is done two ways. First way is to think your color coded braid actually is going to do something for you and you let out the amount of line in respect to the depth of water your in. Second way is let your line down to the bottom and crank up three or four cranks to get it off the structure. Repeat this process every couple minutes to remain within the strike zone.

Best Bait for Codfish in Montauk
Fresh shucked sea clams are hands down no question the best bait, I personally like to use some of the soft belly and tongue on the same hook. Something about that belly goodness that all fish love. Herring chunks when available are another favorite which I will use with a tandem hook rig using a clam bait and a herring bait. You don't want to over load your hooks with bait, If your using a 3/0 bait holder hook, use enough bait to cover the hook and hang a little off, nothing excessive. If the fishing is lock and load this next part wont matter so much but when they get picky or the bight isn't red hot before sending your bait to the bottom allow it to drift in the current on top of the water. What your looking for here is whether or not your bait is spinning, if your bait is spinning, pull it back in, re-hook your bait till it drifts in the current without spin.

Best jigs for Codfish in Montauk
Viking jigs have been a time tested and proven jig for as long back as I can remember and still work wonders today. These jigs are large in size and are resembling a herring. I have found over the last few years that gold hammered diamond jigs have been working equally as well. Shimano butterfly jigs work great, but $20 a jig is too expensive for my blood while wreck fishing as losing a few a trip is the norm, especially fishing off block island out of Montauk.

Winter Montauk fishing tips
If the codfish bight slows down, change over to a flounder rig, using that buttery clam belly meat and send it down to the bottom. Use that classic flounder fishing style of bounce bounce bounce - wait wait wait - slow lift. BANG, set the hook. You will be surprised at the number of 5lb + yellow tail flounder I pulled up last year off the hooter bouy.

Montauk Charter Boats
Winter months most don't have their boats in the water or just don't want to venture out in freezing water by their self a charter boat is the way to go. Let them do all the hard work while you fish and relax, plus the heated cabins are a big plus. Out of Montauk most guys are going to fish the same general area anyhow, so why not.

Codfish Worms
Yea I said it, whats this moving around in my bag of fillets. Worms, well actually parasites. Some of these parasites come from seal feces, the seal feces contain the eggs of the parasite. All it takes is one, one codfish go's and eats some seal feces, swims back into the school and infects everyone else. Most of the worms you don't even see and get burned off while cooking. Some not so small and you will have to pick out of the fillet.

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Edward Murphy