ODM RODS & Accessories

ODM Rods and Accessories


Specializing in the art of manufacturing high quality and exclusive surf and jetty rods, along with the required accessories, ODM rods is a subsidiary company under the auspices of the popular and well known, OutDoor Monkeys LLC, who have been an integral part of our country’s fishing industry since its birth in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Extensive research goes into every product that we develop, engineer and manufacture so that when it ultimately reaches you, its performance in your hands are beyond the realms of perfection and would submit to your every desire and whim, to ensure that you get to catch that really “Big Fellah”, you have enviously watched others take home.

We have an impressive and exclusive Dealer Network too, through whom our state of the art high quality ODM rods available in specialized products like, ODM frontier “X”, ODM jigster and ODM Genesis, surf rod series along with the other exclusive products the ODM surf bags and ODM surf belts and many other accessories are made available to our discerning clientele, who come to us because nothing but the best in surf and jetty rods are what they need to go about their business of catching the fish of their choice.

Our appointed Dealers are trained, dedicated and experienced to help you with any answers that you would seek to master our exclusive range of specialized fishing rods, from the ODM rods surf rodb series, to the ODM frontier “X” surf rod series or the ODM jigster surf rod series or even the ODM Genesis surf rod series which are all the ideal stuff for a good day out at the jetty or surf, to bring in that heavyweights which you have always being dreaming of.

There are no compromises as far as they are concerned and we do not cut corners to rake in unreasonable profits but provide products and services hence our marriage with our exclusive partners have lasted the test of time.

We always endeavor to create the best of the best and though we are a small company compared to the other big brothers in the business we are a big fish in the small ocean of surf and jetty fishing, which is drawing substantial professional fishermen to match their talents, experience and skills with those strong and wild fish that are the game everyone is after.

You too are at liberty to try your hand in the art of jetty and surf fishing, if you own any ODM rod with all the requisite accessories to tackle the rough waters of the surf and the jetty which would be an exhilarating experience that you would walk any distance to indulge in.

ODM rods has a very active presence on FaceBook and Instagram where you share your pictures and posts and your jetty and surf fishing experiences with your ODM rods, ODM frontier “X”, ODM jigster or ODM Genesis surf rod series with all our other exclusive clientele spread all over the United States in particular and the whole wide world in general.

If you are contemplating of tackling the rough and tough waters of the surf or the jetty, equip yourself with either an exclusive ODM frontier “X”, ODM jigster or ODM Genesis surf rod series and just find the ease with which you could entice that elusive “Big Fellah” and take him home with you and thank yourself for selecting the best of the best.

ODM rods are backed up by an experienced team of professionals who know their way around the fishing spots of the country and it is their expertise that go into every product released from our manufacturing plant and nothing goes unnoticed under their watchful eyes, because their ultimate goal is to ensure that only the best would be made available to you and nothing less.

They personally check each and every model when it is being developed and later products are randomly selected from the manufacturing facility and taken out and tested under the most extreme conditions, to ensure they meet the stringent conditions set and caters to the superlative performance expected of them, which is an ongoing and regular discipline, to ensure that they perform well under actual conditions.

ODM Frontier X

ODM Frontier “X”
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The sophistication of “nanotechnology” is incorporated into the ODM frontier “X” surf rod series which provides rods of “Superman” strength and could take any adversary of the mighty seas at the end of your tackle, and they are available in four exclusive models which are priced very competitively for the discerning fishermen.

Nanotechnology has revolutionized the manufacture of products which incorporates tensile strength and the United States and other governments are striving hard to develop this further and we have taken the basics to ensure that our ODM frontier “X” fishing tackles are state of the art and stands up to our boast as being the strongest you could experience than in any other similar product that you could procure from anywhere else.

There is no fish that would bite into your bait and hook could ever have the better of you if you are adequately equipped with an ODM frontier “X”, because it would be too hot to handle for any swimmer of the sea and it would invariably be tamed however much it tries to put up a fight.

There is none other fishing rod that could match the strength of the ODM frontier “X” surf rod series and once the “Big Fellah” has bitten into your ODM hook there is no way that it could extricate itself to fight another day.

ODM Jigster

ODM Jigster
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The versatile and state of the art ODM jigster surf rod series are in a class of its own and are made of advanced Carbon technology that makes them light and thin but strong enough to tackle any big fish that might come your way.

The name says it all and the ODM jigster surf rod series the one exclusive fishing rod that allows to “really jig” by moving and fishing in very deep and fast moving wavy waters of the rough and tough high seas, which needs appropriate equipment if you are to ensure you get the better of your adversary, who has made it home in the seas, and you are just an alien.

That disqualification of being an alien would be neutralized when you take along your ODM jigster surf rod series with you and any “Big Fellah” would be just “small fry” at the end of your terminal tackle.

ODM Genesis

ODM Genesis
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Incorporating the best materials that are available the ODM Genesis surf rod series are an exclusive range of strong and sturdy fishing rods were introduced in the year 2016, and are available in four superlative models that are priced very competitively.

Using the up market Carbon Nano Fiber technology the ODM Genesis surf rod series was “the talk of the town” when introduced and has kept its reputation intact whilst undergoing stringent regular tests to ensure that it remains so.

Regular upgrading when required is diligently carried out by technical experts attached to the development of the product at our manufacturing facilities, to take the ODM Genesis surf rod series into the further end of the 21st century.

The ODM Genesis surf rod series has made its indelible mark in the hands of the experts who swear by its unfailing nature of performance and they have come good with some of the big time game that they could not tame with other rods of a similar nature.

ODM Surf Bag

ODM Surf Bag
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The ODM surf bag is made of strong and durable, 2-ply- 9 ounces Dacron sail cloth and boasts of any convenient compartments to place every conceivable accessory needed for the discerning and professional fisherman, who would need to find what he needs in a hurry.

The ODM surf bag is strengthened with strong stainless steel grommets, for quick drainage of splashing water, which also helps in fast drying.

It is equipped with removable shoulder straps for ease and convenience of carrying, wherever you may need the ODM surf bag to accompany you, along with all your fishing accessories.

ODM Surf Belt

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The ultimate in fishing accessories, the ODM surf belt has been designed for convenience and practicability of use and is the must wear for any professional fisherman on the surf or jetty.

If has been designed by professionals and to be used by professionals hence it has every little compartment and pocket to store everything you would need when you are in a battle with any “Big Fellah” of the seas.

Made from the best heavy duty nylon webbing material the ODM surf belt has easy attaching belts with strong magnets to clip into place very easily without much of an effort. Strapping a ODM surf belt around your waist will give you that extra fit when you are in the high rolling surfs and fighting with the powers of Nature, to get that elusive fish ashore.

The ODM surf belt whilst being a very smart accessory is a very useful one too.

ODM Hybrix Glider

Hybrix Glider lure series See the lowest price

ODM has introduced the all new Hybrix Glider lure series.

Hybrix Glider series is designed to offer dynamic swimming action with its two line tie system for a couple different action.

The front tie offers a glider style - walk the dog action to mimic a wounded bait fish. The top line tie offers a rattle trap action to mimic frenzied bait fish, throwing vibrations far into the water column.

The Hybrix Glider shape is a perfect imitation for all types of bait fish. Hybrix Gliders come with reinforced hardware such as Ultra Strong hooks and heavy duty split rings.

ODM Nex1 Surf Blanks

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ODM NEX1 blanks are blank only at this point.