Penn Reels

Penn Fishing Reels

“PENN – Let the battle begin”, an appropriate motto for a respected and inspirational company in the fishing reel industry that has made its indelible mark over 85 years of dedicated service bringing many accolades to all those who have placed their trust our products.

From very humble beginnings the PENN Fishing Tackle Manufacturing Company founded by Otto Henze and after his sudden demise in 1948 his wife Martha’s inspirational leadership, has made the name “PENN” synonymous with high quality fishing reels, setting world records in every class.

Over 1,400 International Game Fish Association (IGFA) records is not a flash in the pan but counts years of Research and Development (R&D) coupled with innovative designs and dedicated perseverance to the cause of tackling the most elusive fish in any body of water.

This impressive basket full or IGFA records have come the PENN way due to the commitment that our company has made to ensure that every rod and reel that leaves our manufacturing facilities meet our stringent standards even above those impressed upon by the specific regulating authorities.

PENN reels are in a class of their own and we continuously work towards bringing all those discerning anglers from around the world nothing but the best and we make no compromises whatsoever on design and quality, workmanship and performance on the waters wherever that may be.

Be it the high seas or the calm waters of the inland waterways, fishing is an art which only a few could master and to meet the arduous challenges coming any angler’s way the tools of his trade should be perfect to precision if the desired results are to be envisaged.

PENN delivers just that and more with more fishing reels in production at any given time than any other manufacturer anywhere in the world and has been in the forefront of game fishing since the inception of the company in 1932.

A fishing reel for any type of fish is what PENN offers and it was proved beyond an iota of doubt when the legendary fishing enthusiast Frank Mundas, the inspirational personality for the Robert Shaw film “Jaws” tackled a Mako Shark weighing in at 1080 pounds, with a PENN rod and reel.

This is the largest catch ever on rod and reel and for it to be on a PENN combination was a foregone conclusion as only one of ours could have achieved that remarkable never to be repeated feat.

PENN reels have made their presence known the world over and if you are looking for nothing but the best then it is a performance proven PENN that should be accompanying you in all your fishing trips to any nook or corner of the world.

To this day, this reputation is implemented for all equipment produced by PENN. Fishing is the most popular sport in the world and can be a fun and relaxing adventure.

In order to get full experience, the right fishing tackle should be used. Fishing gear is basically all the accessories that one uses when fishing. Fishing equipment stretches from fishing rod, fishing reels, hunting knives, fishing pliers etc.

These tools are so necessary that without having the perfect tools when fishing, it will be very difficult for a great catch. In this article we will discuss two of the most important fishing tools that every hunter cannot do without.

If you are looking for fishing reels and fishing rods, then you need to buy quality and the right equipments. Buying the wrong fishing reels or fishing rods can be a costly mistake, so you'll want to get it right the first time. The fact that a friend or magazine recommends, does not mean that it is right for you. When deciding on fishing reels, you should consider the following important factors:

• The size of the fish you chase. After all, it is the size of the catch that decides the proper fishing gear you need. Once you are able to determine the relative size of your target, it becomes easier for you to choose the right reels and rods for the catch.

• Choosing a rod or reel also depends on whether you are fishing from a party boat or you are fishing on the beach, a shore or sitting on a dock. Both of these applications require a different kind of fishing reel.

Then comes durability: You do not want the reel to corrode eventually, and you want it to continue functioning even if it dropped, stepped on or whatever. Regarding corrosion resistance. If the roller is not well coated or the surfaces are not somehow treated to reduce corrosion, it can corrode, even if used in fresh water; and much less in saltwater. As the pizza man says. "Best ingredients, best pizza."

Talking of the best ingredients, one thing is certain. Every single model of Penn reels and rods shares the same principle- they are all made to last for a lifetime of fishing.

It is almost impossible to find another reel that so resistant to saltwater or another reel that is meant to last for so long as Penn reel. According to consumers and critics, "Penn has the best fishing reels in the market."

Whatever nature has to throw on them, Penn Reel can handle it.

penn torque 2 reel

Penn Torque 2

PENN Torque II Spinning Reels

Designed for use from shore or in a boat the PENN Torque II Spinning Reels are just what you would need for heavy duty game fishing under any trying condition, as they are built with superlative materials to withstand the rigors of any type of catch.

The body, sideplates and rotor are made of anticorrosion metal components that could meet the challenges of any arduous and demanding situations wherever it would be and perform at optimum efficiency to deliver superlative results.

Our recently developed IPX6 Sealed System which is incorporated into this model after some of the arduous tests possible prevents water from damaging the gear box and drag system, which could otherwise be vulnerable to splashes of water.

Incorporating the advanced Slammer Drag System especially developed by us to bring forth better performances which is enhanced with the utilizing of our proprietary Dura-Drag materials, for extra efficient results on any challenge.

It also encompasses the silent back up racket coupled with the superlative Instant Anti Reverse bearing technology to provide the right conditions when faced with a tough adversary which would not give up without a real fight on our hands.

The PENN exclusive 9+1 stainless steel bearing system provides the smoothest of operation with the least amount of effort giving way to all energies to be directed at the catch when you have caught one at the end of your line.

Penn Slammer 3

Penn Slammer 3

PENN Slammer III Spinning Reels

The darling of charter captains the world over due to its versatility in being the ideal reel for either boat or shore and its prowess in handling any type of catch caught at the end of its line.

The PENN Slammer III Spinning Reels incorporates the much heralded IPX6 Sealed System, which would keep the gear box and drag systems free from any water seeping through and damaging the reel which would not then perform, at the high efficiency that it is expected to.

The super efficient 7+1 stainless steel bearing system is another design innovation that is exclusively incorporated into this PENN reel to provide just the right feel in your hand to get that aggressive catch either onto your boat or to drag it ashore.

Made of high quality Dura Drag materials which are special to PENN and the use of the upgraded Slammer Drag System makes it just the reel you would need to have with you when you are out there tackling the catch and the vagaries of the high seas.

Penn spinfisher v

Penn Spinfisher V

PENN Spinfisher V Spinning Reels

The all metal body, sideplates and PENN specialty Techno Balanced rotor, embodies strength and stability in the USA designed components procured from reliable and quality standardized domestic or foreign suppliers.

The super sealed HT-100 Slammer Drag System coupled with the Instant Anti Reverse technology smoothly assisted by the 5 shielded stainless steel ball bearing, all combine to bring you a state of the art reel to tackle any adversary how tough it may be in any challenging environment.

The PENN Spinfisher V Spinning Reels proudly incorporates the PENN researched and developed Water Tight Design System and the Sealed Slammer Drag System with Dura Drag high quality materials for exemplary performance in any type of condition to tackle the fiercest of adversaries out in the high seas or from shore.

It is safe in any environment with no chance of any water, salt or fresh from seeping into it and would provide the most efficient results wherever you may take it with you.

Presently available in Standard, Live Liner and Bail-less models which are all made of machined and anodized Aluminum Super Line Spool and incorporating Line Capacity Rings for superlative performance, which is PENN’s highest objectives.

PENN Spinfisher V Spinning Reels
The lightest of PENN reels to see the light of day but built with the same tenacity that all other reels have in common and that is strength and stability to meet any challenge in any type of environment tackling any tough adversary.

The Rigid Resin RR30 body and rotor coupled with the PENN engineered CNC Gear technology smoothened out with easy to operate 7+1 sealed stainless steel high efficiency ball bearing system is what you would need when you step out to meet the challenges that would be thrown at you.

The PENN developed and incorporated HT-100 Carbon fisher drag washers in the Superline Spool enhanced by Line capacity Rings are that which works in perfect precision driven harmony to ensure that the least effort is drained out of you when you are tackling any adversary out there.

The PENN Spinfisher V Spinning Reel is a little engineering marvel and just about everything in a reel you would need to take out with you to ensure that you get the right catch and bring it aboard or drag it ashore, as none would be able to fight the toughness of what you have in your hands.

Penn Clash Spinning Reels

Penn Clash

PENN Clash Spinning Reels

Manufactured to the highest standards synonymous with every PENN product PENN Clash Spinning Reels are also in the same superlative caliber delivering excellent results wherever it may be put the challenges of Nature and the living adversaries under water.

A full metal body compliments the strength that it projects with PENN engineered CNC Gear technology and Leveline Oscillation System and built in HT-100 Carbon fiber drag washers which all combine to provide water tight protection to the superlative PENN reel.

The Instant Anti Reverse bearing is further enhanced for perfect precision driven harmony within with the 8 Sealed Stainless steel ball bearings which provide smooth operation which is what PENN has burnt much midnight oil to bring forth to their discerning anglers.

The Heavy Duty Aluminum ball wire, Braid ready spool and Line Capacity Rings all combine to bring a reel that is not going to let any tough adversary to get off the hook, but to drag it onto your boat or to shore with the least effort on your part.

Every available PENN technology is incorporated into every reel rolling out of our manufacturing facility and every effort is made to ensure that they perform at optimum efficiency even in the hands of an amateur or trainee angler.

Penn Battle Spinning reels

Penn Battle 2

PENN Battle II Spinning Reels

Equipped with 5 Sealed stainless steel ball bearings to provide friction free movement the PENN Battle II Spinning Reels are the favorite of every angler and encased in an all metal body with metal sideplates and an super efficient rotor made of the finest steel alloys.

The HT-100 Carbon fiber drag washers add to the Water Tight Design ensuring that not an atom of water finds its way into the Gear box and superlative drag system, to cause any unsuspecting damage.

The super efficient Instant Anti Reverse bearing coupled with the Heavy Duty Aluminum ball wire compliments the high performance which is what has kept most anglers faithful to this super PENN designed and manufactured reel.

Superline Spool and Line capacity rings ensures that the reel is kept in optimum alignment to ensure that it performs under any trying conditions to ensure that the catch at the end of the line is brought home without much ado.

The reel is designed to withstand the rigors of any hard fighting catch and is real value for money at the price it is offered and is one of the most popular in the PENN range of superlative fishing reels.

Penn Senator Reels

Penn Senator

PENN Special Senator Star Drag Reels

One of the workhorses in the PENN range of fishing reels having served anglers of two or more generations since being introduced for the first time in 1936, and has stood up to its reputation with honor and respect.

Anglers who have tried their hands with the PENN Special Senator Star Drag Reels have sworn allegiance to it in no small measure and still stand by its versatility and efficient performance under any conditions wherever it may be taming any adversary that may chose to challenge it.

The machined and anodized Aluminum spool is a thing of beauty in design and craftsmanship which only a PENN would be able to turn out.
The Marine grade bronze main and Stainless steel pinions gears and Multi disk star drag system friction freed on two shielded stainless steel ball bearings it is a masterpiece in reel design and performance.

A winner all the way the PENN Special Senator Star Drag Reels has amassed more IGFA big game world records than any other reel in the history of the industry and is a proud recipient of many accolades around the world.

There are many advantages in this superlative reel and it has not let down any angler in the history of IGFA game fishing when the going has got tough and to bring home the struggling adversary at the end of the line.

If there is one reel that you need to tackle the high seas this is definitely the one that you should be carrying with you as it has everything that you would want, to make your endeavor that much more successful.

Penn Squall reels

Penn Squall

PENN Squall Level Wind Reels

The successor to the very popular GT series which held sway in the big game fishing industry for many decades and proved its worth with some very notable achievements but had to give way to the enhanced developments of this series.

This is built to last and is strong and lightweight with graphite frame and sideplates with forged machined Aluminum spool with Line capacity rings to maintain balance in any arduous challenge between man and beast.

Equipped with Bronze main and stainless steel pinion gears enhanced with a HT-100 PENN engineered drag system that is top of the range with every piece and part manufactured to precision for superlative performance in any environment.

Friction denied by two stainless steel ball bearings and safety and control enhanced with Instant Anti Reverse technology which is a PENN specialty developed over years of research and development.

Left and right hand models are available for the discerning big game fishing enthusiast and if you are looking for the best of PENN then it is a PENN Squall Level Wind Reels that you should tackling your game with, as you are sure to be a winner.

Stainless steel main and pinion gears encased in a full metal body and side plates with Dura Drag washers which are engineering marvels exclusive to PENN which have been researched and developed over eight and a half decades.

Smooth friction free movement guaranteed within by 5 shielded stainless steel ball bearings and Double dog ratchet Anti Reverse technology incorporate to provide exemplary performance with any adversary at the end of the line.

Line Capacity Rings in a lightweight body with superior durability providing power and superlative performance is what the PENN Squall Level Wind Reels the discerning big game angler whether learning the ropes of the industry or a master at it.

PENN has designed, developed and manufactured these superlative reels for bottom fishing, live baiting and jigging giving those anglers who have mastered these arts of the trade an easy option to get that just right.

Backed by PENN’s 85 years of engineering expertise and the perseverance and dedication attached to each and every reel that rolls out of our manufacturing facility we ensure that none is better than the other but all are the best that money can buy.

So getting one for you would be an experience in itself and with a PENN in hand you could tackle the most challenging of environments with confidence to achieve success.

Penn warfare reels

Penn Warfare

PENN Warfare Star Drag Reels

All round versatility and affordability coupled by superlative engineering is what is built into the PENN Warfare Star Drag Reels and which has taken the big game fishing industry in a right royal spin since it was introduced.

High performance instilled in the forged and machined Aluminum spool encompassed in a lightweight graphite frame with sideplates is a marvel of engineering unique to the PENN family of superlative reels.

Machined Brass main and pinion gear coupled with HT-100 Carbon fiber drag washers of the highest quality enhancing Instant Anti Reverse bearing technology is what you would be bestowed with when you have one of these in your hand.

Smooth drag when heavy loads are challenged is what this super performance reel desires to provide any discerning angler trying to tackle the arduous of beasts at the end of the line.

If it is a reel at a price that you would desire to seek the fortunes of the big game fishing challenges then this is the right reel for you and nothing else would be even coming close to this.

Penn Jigmaster Reels

Penn Jigmaster

PENN Jigmaster Star Drag Reels

It looks promising and it is just so and is one of the best reels around for any type of big game fishing that you may desire and it has the ability to change with a quick take apart feature enabling you to change spools when needed.

Machined and anodized Aluminum spools in a tough metal frame with Bakelight sideplates and machine cut brass main gear specially designed by PENN to withstand any size of big game fish in any type of environment.

Stainless steel pinion gear which is machine cut to precision design as per PENN’s stringent requirements to ensure that the best is what the discerning angler would receive from its manufacturing facilities, at all times.

Enhanced with a counter balanced superlative handle designed with oversized paddle knobs for easy drag and pull which is further enhanced with the HT-100 drag washers incorporated into the PENN Jigmaster Star Drag Reels.

A very firm favorite of anglers in the albacore day boats on the West Coast and the kingfisher anglers in the South East this reel has been pushed to the limit and has come out trumps in all such situations with flying colors.

The PENN Jigmaster Star Drag Reels has proved its worth and tested its mettle in every type of environment that anglers professional and amateurs have taken it to, with no regrets at all.

Penn Rival Reels

Penn Rival

PENN Rival Level Wind Reels

Versatility in design enhanced with high power performance but affordable in price is what the PENN Rival Level Wind Reels desired to achieve when first introduced into the big game fishing industry and it has not let down that desire.

It has proved its primary objective tenfold and is in the forefront of affordability and performance and has proved itself over and over again.

Built strong and sturdy within a lightweight graphite frame and sideplates with auto engaging gears a PENN engineering feat not matched by any, and a design incorporated which is unique to what the manufacturer has always promised.

The machine cut brass pinion gear and the HT-100 standard PENN carbon fiber drag washers make this reel something out of the extra ordinary and special in its own way.

The zero friction is achieved by 2 shielded stainless steel ball bearings of the highest quality standards and in built Line capacity rings which provide superior sealing from any water from seeping in.

Pulling heavy loads hooked at the end of the line is just a piece of cake in any type of environment and the PENN Rival Level Wind Reels has proved its mettle beyond anything that the competition could throw at it.