It is a foregone conclusion that age and experience are two aspects in life that no amount of money can buy and that is very appropriate when we look at what SHIMANO Fishing Products have achieved since its inception in 1921.

Nearly a century of experience in the fishing tackle industry is one aspect a few companies in the world could boast of but that is what Shimano Fishing Products could, since our founder Shozaburo Shimano started in humble beginnings.

The founder’s vision was to make the brand name SHIMANO a force to reckon with in the fishing tackle business in his home city of Kansai, and then onto Japan from there step into the world.

SHIMANO has done much more and is today one of the leaders in all types of fishing products and accessories the world over and is number one in some of the product lines which is primarily based on innovation and commitment to design and quality workmanship.

The Research and Development (R&D) arm of SHIMANO perseveres to ensure only the best of our products reaches our discerning angling enthusiast and there are no half measures or do we cut corners to save on costs that would deprive on quality.

Purchasing either a fishing product or any of our other accessories from SHIMANO would give you the confidence that it is the best that money could buy as we would not compromise on that aspect as we are committed to deliver the best.

The range of fishing products and accessories made available by the versatile House of Shimano is so varied and diverse that there is nothing else that an angling enthusiast or anyone associated with the fishing industry or even a lover of the sport would need.

There is everything on offer from exquisite fishing rods and reels, to high fashion clothing and accessories, bags, fishing lures and many more which you could pick up and then enjoy proudly the high standards maintained by SHIMANO.

Armed with the ISO 14001 certification and ANAB accreditation, SHIMANO is committed in no uncertain terms to ensure that our company is environmental friendly and would always work within the set parameters to ensure total compliance.

SHIMANO supports various charitable organizations in North America and if your entity falls within the designated guidelines of our support policies we would be glad to help you through and that is what we are recognized for, by all those who have benefitted from our generosity.

Last but not the least we at SHIMANO consider our corporate responsibilities go beyond the community we serve and extend to the realms of humanity hence we ensure that every minute corporate decision we take is within the boundaries of human decency and values, which has been our forte for success.

We strive to pass down everything that we have learnt and experienced over this last century to our discerning anglers through our highly efficient and superlative products.

SHIMANO offers this unique and exclusive advantage to their discerning anglers as there is a rod for every type of fishing, providing that very important impetus to go out there and tackle the violent high seas, the raging waters of the inland rivers or even the calmness of the lakes.

Shimano Expride rods


Shimano Expride Freshwater Rods

This series which was introduced in the recent past is made available in casting and spinning disciplines and is made with the finest of materials to ensure the right balance and superlative performance when needed in any arduous condition.

Tested over two full seasons and given the thumbs up by many in the big game fishing sport, the Shimano Expride Freshwater Rods have earned their rightful place in the industry and is a favorite now among many.

In total this series has an amazing 13 models in the Casting and 06 in the Spinning series providing big game fishing enthusiasts a choice of rods that would hold well and comfortably in their hands.

The Shimano Expride Casting Freshwater Rods, in this range is available in lengths of 6 feet 6 inches to 9 feet 11 inches providing an impressive choice to any discerning angler just what he would need to suit his whims and fancies.

The Spinning range too has a very wide choice with rod lengths extending from 6 feet 8 inches to 8 feet 6 inches and Power distribution over Medium, Medium Light and Medium heavy and an impressive range of more than six.

Shimano Trevala Rods


Shimano Trevala Saltwater Rods

This series has a very impressive range with a very spectacular choice of rods which could be employed for Casting, Spinning, Jigging Casting, Jigging Spinning.

The Shimano Trevala Saltwater Rods employs a recently innovated and designed technology identified as C4S, which is a proprietary effort from SHIMANO which helps to maintain a thinner and hence a lighter rod but with extra strength on the hoop.

This reduces the level of concentration an angler would need to have on the rod and concentrate more on the fighting catch at the end of the line absolutely sure that the Shimano Trevala Saltwater Rod would hold its own against any adversary.

The Trevala series has about 46 different models with varied and superfluous specifications that would provide big game fishing enthusiasts the ability to carefully select the exact and ideal saltwater fishing rod that would suit their specific requirements.

Shimano Tiagra Reels


Shimano Tiagra Reels

This series encompasses 10 models that range from a minimum drag of 29.5 pounds to a maximum of 99 pounds which is quite an impressive drag range with the capability to bring in small and the bigger beasts when tackling offshore waters.

They are all right retrieves hence lefthanders would need to select other models in the versatile SHIMANO portfolio of which there are a plenty and there are no worries there.

Consisting of a Hagane Body which is a SHIMANO designed and developed all metal encompassing frame which is rigid and strong to withstand any type of tough situations the Shimano Tiagra Reels would need to encounter.

The A-RB stainless steel ball bearings which are designed and manufactured to last TEN times longer than any other ordinary stainless steel ball bearings are corrosion free and eliminates friction to almost zero providing easy drag to tackle any wild beast that you may encounter.

The spools are made of high grade Cold Forged Aluminum deriving strength and stability to every reel rolling out of the SHIMANO assembly lines and that too, after some stringent tests have been conducted by astute quality controllers.

Shimano Antares Reels


Shimano Antares Reels

This series from the SHIMANO portfolio is exclusively designed, developed and manufactured for freshwater fishing and has a maximum drag of up to 11 pounds, with an all metal Hagane Body which gives optimum strength and rigidity.

Four exclusive models are offered and all of them provide various advantages to the discerning freshwater angler and one is not second to the other ensuring all round performance at the highest levels.

The Micro Module Gear system in Shimano Antares Reels has incorporated state of the art technology providing the drive and pinion gears to synchronize in perfect harmony to bring about optimum gear train with the minimum gear feel for easy use.

The X-Ship advantage exclusively designed and developed by SHIMANO means it enhances smoother and durable gear movement ensuring support at both ends for the pinion gears providing extremely high performance in any condition.

SHIMANO boasts of a very innovative Research and Development (R&D) arm which ensures that every product is designed and developed with the utmost precision to meet the varied challenges, and successfully encounter them with utmost finesse.

The SVS Infinity brake system technology coupled with the high performance, 10 A-RB stainless steel ball bearings like none other found in any fishing reel compliments each other to ensure top quality performance at optimum levels.

Calcutta B Reels


Shimano Calcutta Reels

This is a Dual Purpose SHIMANO reel series that is good for both freshwater and saltwater, incorporated with the exclusive Dartanium Drag, A-RB ( Anti Rust Bearings) and the Super Stopper technology harmonizing all to bring forth a state of the art reel like none other.

The all metal frame and casing brings total stability and precise alignment of all components to synchronize in harmony to ensure that the best results are delivered when the wild beast at the end of the line refuses to tow your line and would need to be tamed.

The high performing spools in the Shimano Calcutta Reels are made of super grade Cold Forged Aluminum which adds strength and durability in tackling and game fish be in the high seas or the calm waters of the inland waterways.

There are 06 models offered in this versatile range and they all share a minimum drag of 16.5 pounds and a maximum drag of 17.5 pounds which is just one way to ensure you would be ready for any challenges out there.

Shimano Stella SW Reels


Shimano Stella SW Reels

There are no issues with any saltwater condition coming the way of the Shimano Stella SW Reels which are specially designed for that specific environment with the spool made of high grade Cold Forged Aluminum.

The all metal Hagane Body is built to last many years of superlative performance which is enhanced by the X-Ship gear technology to provide high end durability coupled with exquisite performance at the optimum levels possible.

The Hagane Gear system is one of the best designed and developed fishing technologies that the Shimano Stella SW Reels are bestowed with and a proud portfolio of 12 models offered they are some of the best in the range.

The Shimano Stella SW Reels series incorporates all that the SHIMANO expertise and reputation of a century could offer from X-Rigid Bail, X-Rigid Handle, X-Rigid Rotor and X-Rigid Gear all work in complete harmony one doing justice to the other to bring total and precise perfection to take the catch.

From a minimum drag of 29 pounds to a maximum drag of 62 pounds there is ample variety in the opportunities offered to any of those big game fishing enthusiasts, spread all around the world.

The 12 models in the family of the Shimano Stella SW Reels offer much more than what you may be able to digest and that goes much truer to the wild beast dangling at the end of the line.

Shimano Twin Power XD


Shimano Twin Power XD

Exquisitely designed and developed to tackle any adversary straying into inshore salt waters the Shimano Twin Power XD Reels would be their nemesis with no recourse to escape as it is the best for those conditions.

Equipped with X-Protect to ensure that the slightest of damage does not occur in those harsh saltwater conditions and the all metal Hagane Body stands firmly protecting every moving part within its protective casing.

The heart of your Shimano Twin Power XD Reels is the Hagane Gear which is state of the art technology incorporated with precision driven parts to ensure that every command is met with perfect harmony and the job at hand is accomplished without any spanners in the effort.

Whilst the Aero-Wrap technology which is a two speed oscillation system exclusively developed by SHIMANO provides the possibility of longer casts reducing line to line friction, the X-Ship advantage provides improved and perfect gear durability.

There are 03 exclusive models in the Shimano Twin Power XD Reels series with each one unique in its own way providing some of the best opportunities to tackle any inshore beast with a maximum drag of 24 pounds.

Trinidad A


Shimano Trinidad Reels

The Trinidad series has built an invincible reputation through which other reels in this category try to elevate themselves and with the New Trinidad A series being introduced the competition has been left behind at the crossroads.

The Trinidad series, both the former and the latter have revolutionized the big game fishing industry shattering all our expectations with a very successful finesse to our efforts to bring the best to our discerning anglers spread far and wide.

Our objective was to build the ultimate casting reel and we have achieved it with dedication and perseverance which were the fruits of a century old experience coupled with the expertise that has come from it.

The series offers 07 superlative models with a maximum drag of 25 pounds enabling any catch at the end of the line to be brought home with the minimum of expended energy in any saltwater environment that you would be in.

The Shimano Trinidad Reels is incorporated with everything that SHIMANO has developed over the years, the X-Ship, the Hagane Body, Super Free Spool technology, S A-RB stainless steel ball bearings, Super Stopper Anti Reverse and many more technology to bring success when you need it.

Shimano Ultegra CI4


Shimano Ultegra CI4

This is just one model in this series but it is the best at its best with performance quantifiable only how the angler would use this state of the art fishing reel at its optimum best to bring the most superlative results.

The maximum drag is 33 pounds and the best for surf fishing where angler and equipment should complement each other to tackle the rigors of the unending surfs to bring home that elusive beast which would stop at nothing to extricate itself from the end of the line.

Hence the Hagane Gear encased in the all metal Hagane Body, with the X-Ship gear durability supporting the Pinion gear at both ends with S A-RB Stainless Steel ball bearings of the highest quality standards all combine together to bring a SHIMANO reel that would work wonders in the right hands.

There are more technologies incorporated to ensure that the best of SHIMANO, would synchronize to deliver rich results and that is the Super Slow Oscillation, Shimano Instant Drag and Super Stopper II technologies all of which come with a century of Research and Development (R&D), behind them.

Shimano Butterfly Jigs


Shimano Butterfly Jigs

The ultimate in fishing lures and coming from the House of SHIMANO there would not be any doubt that they have been tested and tried to lure any type of fish to take that most important bite at the end of the line.

The Shimano Butterfly Jigs are 3D Asymmetric in design and is with a half mirror finish to glow in the underwater darkness to bring that most elusive adversary to come take the bait.

The weights range from a minimum of 112 grams to a maximum of 325 grams providing the experienced angler the decision to check the environment and cast the reel to ensure that best fish in the area is lured and bites into the bait.

The Shimano Butterfly Jigs is made available in 06 sizes to give a wide choice of luring the beasts and with 08 color options to decide which would be the best to ensure instant success in this very daunting and patient sport of the kings.

These are all designed and developed for bottom depth fishing and would sink below as wished to ensure that the right catch is taken aboard with the SHIMANO fishing gear in the hand of the discerning angler.

Shimano Orca Lures


Shimano Orca Lures

Especially designed for top water and floating where many different types of fish from Blue Sardine to Green Mackerel and a variety of fish could be yours if you choose the versatile Shimano Orca Lures when you go out next.

Menacing triple hooks which would get your catch with no chance of escape because it could be cast far with powerful swing ability to get the optimum chances of luring the adversary and getting it to bite on it for a successfully day out.

The aerodynamic design is superlative in action underwater, as it has an uneven weight disposition which is a SHIMANO proprietary development that gives the Shimano Orca Lures a pop and dive imitating living bait action.

A weight distribution of 47 grams to 88 grams from sizes ranging in length from 145 mm to 195 mm providing a substantial choice for every situation in any type of environment to the discerning and selective angler.

There is also a very attractive color selection that would be hard to resist for all those underwater beats that we would like to get onboard or pull them onto the shore.

There are 08 superlative colors and all of them have been developed for specific types of fish and looking up more on the SHIMANO official website you could get a better idea of what to use where and what type of fish would be lured with which.

Shimano WaxWing Lures


Shimano Waxwing Lures

This series of lures are available in three disciplines for use in different conditions and environments to enable anglers to choose from a very wide selection as to what they would need to use in the right conditions.

For use in exclusive saltwater environment and has 5 size options ranging from 14 grams to 126 grams and 16 attractive colors which would just what the fish underwater would be looking at to get that tastier bite that it never had before.

These are all for sub-surface fishing and to be let sinking down to lure the best of the catch you could get at the end of your line.

Quite a wide range too, form 50 grams to 104 grams form just what the seasoned angler in you would need to catch those elusive underwater beasts and are available in 08 attractive colors.

These are for use in sub-surface and slow sinking fishing and have been developed with meticulous collection of all available data to ensure that success is met with the first casting.

This new lure is also designed with meticulous care to detail as it would move in a very haphazard fashion underwater providing the right impression in the mind of the fish to come closer to investigate and take the bite on its choice.

The weights range from 7.80 grams to 38 grams in 03 size options from 68 mm to 118 mm and is made available in 08 very attractive colors that would be just right to get the cat that you so desire.