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The proliferation of the surf fishing hobby among die hard surf casters in the late 1980’s saw every company manufacturing fishing tackle to handle such, churning out whatever they could to meet the growing demand of this new prospective fishermen, who went out to battle the surf, and try their hand in catching a fish.

Among the thousands of surf casters who were out there trying their hand in this new hobby, there was a special breed of saltwater fishermen, who endured the extremes of what fishing at that time was, and were always in trouble with inadequate fishing reels to handle the surf.

The sea water for one reason and the non compatibility of the fishing reels for that type of extreme conditions, did them no good to brave the fury of Nature and simultaneously battle these aggressive large fish at the end of their lines and endeavor to bring them to shore.

The fish, helped by the weather and Nature’s wrath most of the time won the battle, the fishermen had no answer for it and had to rue the lack of equipment but not their enthusiasm, talent or perseverance.

They just did not have an answer for their predicament but an answer did arrive in the early 1990’s when the ultimate in fishing gear, the Van Staal fishing reels, brought a new dimension to extreme surf fishing.

The fishermen with an eye on challenging the impossible had got their answer, the first waterproofed reels that could be taken anywhere at any time, and with an appropriate “catch line” attached to their product “No Limitations”, the product took the fishing industry by storm and still remains an enigma to its uniqueness, durability, and above all delivering what it promises.

A Van Staal in your hand did do wonders and with “No Limitations” to wherever it may accompany you the Van Staal reels became and still are the “Rolls Royce” of surf fishing reels. The Van Staal reels could be submerged in sea water and if you are one of those adventurous types and wanted to brave the extreme of extreme situations to catch that elusive “Big Fellah”, there is no other reel that should be accompanying you, it must be none other than a Van Staal.

The body, spool and handle are made out of a solid block of aircraft grade Aluminum and the center shaft and line roller made of anodized solid Titanium, covered with a coating of Titanium Nitrate to withstand sea water corrosion.

It is strongly recommended by Van Staal that your reel is inspected by their expert technicians and serviced every year if you are pushing it to the limits, to ensure that the seals are intact and the performance remains at optimum, which would give you the confidence to tackle any big fish that you might catch.

A Van Staal is the ultimate surf fishing reel and one that would take the discerning fishermen to the edge of extreme fishing and they would still be comfortable with what they hold in their hands which is sure to get them any size tough fish that the sea would give them.

With a Van Staal in your hands, there is in fact “No Limitations” at all, as you are at liberty to go wherever you would want to, because no one else would dare.

Van Staal X Series Reels

Van Staal Bailess X Series VS100 See the Lowest Price

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Van Staal Bailed X Series VS100 See the Lowest Price

Van Staal Bailed X Series VS150 See the Lowest Price

Van Staal Bailed X Series VS200 See the Lowest Price

Van Staal Bailed X Series VS250 See the Lowest Price

The Van Staal “X” series is the latest in an impressive lineup of very high quality super performance fishing reels and coming from a lineage that has created a new breed of fishermen who would use nothing but a Van Staal when they dare to brave the impossible challenges that they are destined to endeavor.

Like all Van Staal reels the latest addition to the family of star performance products that are the hallmark of quality which the House of Van Staal is reputed for, the new Van Staal “X” series is also bound to take the fishing industry by storm and has already made its indelible mark in the hands of those adventurous and experienced fishermen.

There is still no reel in the fishing industry that could match what a Van Staal “X” series could offer the discerning and endeavoring surf fisherman, whose experience with Van Staal reels that he has employed to catch some of the biggest catches that he has tamed, with a no holds barred and “No Limitations” attitude only a Van Staal user would know.

With no compromises but only improvements and still retaining the highest standards that a Van Staal reel commands the Van staal “X” series would be the best tackle to be in any experienced hands as nothing else would suffice.

Getting yourself elevated with all those who are a cut above the rest with a Van Staal “X” series in their possession is what you should aspire too, as it would propel you to that extra special breed of fishermen, who in fact made Van Staal create the ultimate in fishing gear.

Van Staal VR Series

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Van Staal VR150 See the Lowest Price

Van Staal VR175 See the Lowest Price

Van Staal VR200 See the Lowest Price

Made of the finest aircraft grade machined blocked out 6061-T6 High Profile Aluminum the Van Staal “VR” reels are water proofed to withstand the vagaries of salt water and packed and sealed to provide years of trouble free fishing the “Big Fellahs” of the ocean.

Equipped with a high performance Spiral bevel drive gear and pinion protected by the water sealed drag system makes the Van Staal “VR” reels just what you would take along when you have to tackle those challenging situations with sea water splashing all over which none other reel would be able to withstand.

The MicroClick drag tuning accuracy is one of Van Staal reels original and is a registered Trade Mark which give the Van Staal “VR” reels a cut above the rest and keeping true its, “No Limitations” challenge, that no other reels manufactured by anyone has been able to match.

The center shaft in the Van Staal reels are Titanium Nitrite coated which is manufactured to the highest standard so as to evade sea water corrosion and is carved out of high quality solid stainless steel, unmatched by any other available in the market which is ideal for those who want to brave the wrath of Nature, when they have hooked any “Big Fellah” of the sea.

Easily convertible to a manual pick up which those die hard professionals would want, when they make the fish fight with them and not them to fight with the fish and making the encounter one of the biggest challenges that any fisherman could win, using a Van Staal “”VR” reel state of the art made just for that special breed of professionals.

Van Staal Titanium Pliers

Van Staal 6" plier set See the Lowest Price

Van Staal 7" plier set See the Lowest Price

Just like all products rolling out of the House of Van Staal, the durable, corrosion free, strong and sturdy Titanium Van Staal pliers are made with precision in mind for the new breed of professional fishermen.

They are what would be needed when you are battling the waves and trying to reel in that elusive “Big fellah” who is sure not to go down without a fight, because he is fighting for the right to survive.

Available in 5”, 6”, and 7” the Van Staal pliers are a special by itself and are just what the professionals would need to have with them when going gets tough. It is not always that you could win the battle and having the ergonomic line cutter, the Van Staal plier with replaceable tungsten cutters either by itself or in the accompanying tool with a leather sheath, is a blessing in disguise.

The Van Staal plier is one every professional fisherman should have with him before he ventures out to sea because being ready for the inevitable is a professional’s prerogative.

Van Staal Parts and Service

Van Staal Parts See the Lowest Price

Spare parts for any model of the Van Staal Reels are freely available and can be ordered directly from Van Staal by calling the toll free telephone number, 800 718 7335 or visiting one of the few warranty centers.

Service is also available for which you may have to send the Van Staal reels or pliers to the factory or authorized service locations. Turn around time would vary with the season and current repair workload.

The Van Staal self service kit is also available for customers who could service their Van Staal reels on their own and if they find it would be a task they cannot handle it could be sent to the factory or authorized service locations to complete the required service or repairs.

The Van Staal self service kit would have some of the most commonly required oil seals, “O” rings and quad seals that are easily replaceable, instead of sending your Van Staal reel for service or repair. Service will be completed by highly experienced professionals and they would ensure that all parts are double checked before leaving the premises.